Family Vlogs Category Introduction

I have decided to add one more category to my blog- FAMILY VLOGS. We love taking camera wherever we go. New videos are piling up- many of them are not edited or never put together. I am hoping, that my new Family Vlogs category over my blog will give me a tiny bit more motivation on putting all recorded memories together. I really hope you will find it interesting too!

Honestly, I am far from PRO at making/editing videos. But I do my best to make it bearable. I have a fair collection of family videos on my Youtube channel by now – starting from few years back, when Daniella was a baby, then when Harry was born and several pretty recent ones. If you would like to check them out, you are welcome to visit my Youtube Channel HERE.

In this post I am sharing our few most recent videos that you might have already seen. If you haven’t, check them out and let me know what you think! x

The video below is from one of our beautiful weekends. We visited a lovely place, called The Heights of Abraham in the Peak District. It was a great day out with family and friends – what a beautiful place! We are certainly going back there as soon, as the weather gets better – there is loads more to explore!

Another video below is called Daniella’s Bank Holiday Weekend. Daniella is now 3.5 years old. Our little girl is normally very shy. But recently I realised, that she is pretty confident in front of the camera – not like her mummy at all! Therefore, I prefer filming Daniella rather than filming myself and she seems to love it! 🙂 Continue reading Family Vlogs Category Introduction

Mini Lithuanian Break: Family & Friends

If you are expecting to see some sightseeing photos from our Mini Break in Lithuania, you are looking at the wrong post. 🙂 This time, we only stayed there for the few days and, as you might know, the main reason for the whole trip was my Grandma’s birthday. Therefore, 95% of our time there we spent with my family and the other 5% with friends.

Let’s talk photos today. A picture below was taken on our very first day of our Lithuanian break, soon after we arrived to my Grandma’s house.  Edward’s face says it all – it’s been a long day. Our flight was at around 6.30am, therefore we were all up since 2.30am.

This terrace of my Grandmother holds so many memories. My sisters and I used to always play there as kids. However, the windows were not always there. it used to be as a huge balcony before. I remember us, kids, sitting there, on the edge of the balcony with our legs hanging out. The thought of it terrifies me now! It’s on the second floor, I can’t even think of what could have happened if we slipped or something!

Mini Lithuanian Break: Family & Friends

Mini Lithuanian Break: Family & Friends

Next photo below is from one of our many lunches out. I really miss the food from Lithuania (not necessarily Lithuanian food, but made by Lithuanians). For example, pizzas are somewhat different there and I love them so much! Edward enjoys it a lot too. I am very glad he does. 🙂

Mini Lithuanian Break: Family & Friends

Below- Edward and Daniella at the main shopping centre named Akropolis in Kaunas city. We always go there when we are visiting Lithuania. There is everything in one place – lots of clothes and shoe stores, cinema, restaurants and cafes, bowling, ice ring, food store, pharmacy and loads more. It’s kind of Lithuanian Westfield, ha ha. 🙂
Mini Lithuanian Break: Family & Friends

Continue reading Mini Lithuanian Break: Family & Friends

Harry’s 10 Months Old Development Update

This month went even faster than any other month did!  Harry has turned 10 months old on 30th April, but even a while after the date I found myself telling to people, that our baby is still 9.5 months old and Edward was telling, that he is 9 months old! Wonderful parents we are, aren’t we? 😀

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry is such a big boy now! He can crawl so fast, that I have to run (not walk anymore) after him, to stop him from going to the bathroom or tasting dog’s food. Our 10 months old baby can now stand up holding on the furniture. If he sees anything on the table that he is able to reach, he will happily throw all to the floor!

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry’s personality is really shining through now! If Daniella has a toy, that he would like to play with, our cheeky boy starts demanding for that toy by making sounds, that really gives impression of a very strict tone of voice and he also has that serious face, to show he is not joking! 😀 You can easily guess by Harry’s body language, that he is telling Daniella off for not giving him a toy! It’s so funny to watch, trying to boss everyone around at 10 months old already, ha ha. So what is going to happen later???

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry’s eating is still going great. Harry likes pretty much everything, whatever is given to him. Our boy has a good appetite. I am combining Baby Led Weaning method and purees – it seems to work very well for us.

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHowever, he is not so naive no more, not very easy to trick him. For example, once I bring Harry some food, he doesn’t start eating straight away. He firstly takes his tongue out and carefully licks it. If he likes the taste, then he goes for it, if he doesn’t, there is no way to get it in his mouth. This always makes me giggle. Kids these days… 🙂 Continue reading Harry’s 10 Months Old Development Update

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

‘Lithuanian Break’ story will be posted in 2 separate posts, as there is so much to share about. Welcome to the part 1 – Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel in Kaunas. There will be a video added at part 2, so stay tuned! 🙂

Our mini Lithuanian break was lovely, just as we hoped! It went so fast, though, that it feels like it was never here. Oh well, 4 days only, we knew that was gonna go as a blink of an eye.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Packing was the most unpleasant part of it.  It took me nearly the whole day to pack mine, Harry’s and Daniella’s stuff! I was so happy when it was finally over!

So at 3.30am on Wednesday, Edward, Harry, Daniella, I + my cousin with his family were all off to  Liverpool airport to catch our 7am flight to Vilnius. Luka, unfortunately, couldn’t go, as she had school to go to. But she actually wasn’t too sad, she had already been to Lithuania and also Tenerife this year, so this girl is travelling more often than all of us do!

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

There is one thing you probably didn’t know about me- I have a pretty big fear of flying. I am normally shaking with the smallest of turbulence. Even the thought of it makes me nervous! But this time, I took some calming drops with me, that Edward used to get his emotions in place before his driving exam, more than a year ago. I took a few drops more than they advise on the bottle and it really did help!

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

The whole journey went really well. Harry slept for almost half of the flight (it takes 2.5 hours to get to Lithuania) and Daniella was playing with her paper dollies- dressing them in their sticker dresses or getting crazy (and making a lot of noise on the airplane) with her daddy.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

We landed in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius at around 11am (2 hours’ time difference) and then took a huge 2 deck train to Kaunas, second biggest city in Lithuania (which is actually not at all big), where we had Magnus hotel booked for our stay. Continue reading Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

My Makeover & Harry’s First Haircut

Before I share our holiday in Lithuania experience, I thought mine and Harry’s haircuts deserve a special attention and the whole separate post. I really want to share this with you!

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

I had my haircut and colour done last week, on Saturday. I needed it badly, as I couldn’t control my hair no more and hated the way it looked.  I also wanted to look pretty before our holiday in Lithuania, of course. 🙂

This time I opted for a tiny change. My plan was to get my fringe back. I really missed it and (being completely honest) I love how it helps me to cover those fast appearing wrinkles on my forehead (I hate them so much!). In terms of colour, I wanted to add some darker highlights into my forever blond hair colour. I would have loved to dye it dark or chocolate brown completely, but darker shades simply doesn’t suit me at all! 🙁

I handed myself into Laura’s from Socio Hairdressing arms and was kind of hoping for the miracle!

I had highlights done- some blond and some very dark brown. We left more blond hair at the front, near my face and added many dark highlights at the back. After the colour was done, Laura from Socio Hairdressing cut my fringe and trimmed the ends. I was very happy with the final result! What do you think? (Sorry about my silly selfies, it wasn’t meant to go on the blog)

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

Harry’s first haircut ever was done in Lithuania. Our boy is not even 10 months old yet, but he was desperate for a haircut already! I booked the appointment for him at the place, that specialises in cutting children’s hair – have all the equipment required to keep little ones nice and calm- toys, cartoons, books… Harry was given an Ipad playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (his hit number 1). He was so interested in the song, that the hairdresser could cut his hair without stressing at all. Continue reading My Makeover & Harry’s First Haircut