2nd Month


2nd Month
2 Months Old
We can now clearly see that Daniella focuses her eyes on us when we are talking to her. She also moves her eyes from one face to another.
When Daniella lies on her belly, she is trying to lift her head, but it is still far too heavy for her.. No rush, Daniella, we still have a plenty of time to practice! πŸ™‚
2nd Month
Our Favorite Sleeping Position
Β The best and most beautiful thing that happened this month is that she smiled at us for the first time! It happened at the beginning of the month. She also tries to speak now in her own language (I wish I could understand what she is trying to say….).
At the end of this month we had our ‘six to eight week check’. The doctor assured us that Daniella is perfectly healthy baby, so I went home all happy happy. πŸ™‚
Overall Daniella is a very calm baby. We hardly hear her cry. She is only upset when she is hungry, otherwise she sleeps, sleeps and sleeps… Most of the nights she sleeps from 11pm till 7.30am continuously. then eats and sleeps again. Am I just lucky or should i be worried???
2nd Month
Breast feeding is going well. With some small ups and downs. In the evening I don’t always have enough milk. However, in the morning, because Daniella doesn’t wake up at night, I have plenty. So I just pump my milk in the morning and use that in the evening when Daniella is still hungry after last feed. I just put her in a cot and bottle feed the milk from the morning. After that she is happy and satisfied, so falls asleep in her cot with no rocking at all for the rest of the night!
2nd Month
On Daniella’s two months birthday it was Edwards 31st birthday (7th of December). We had a bit of mammy’s and daddy’s time that day. My sister was looking after little Daniella so we went to a nice seafood restaurant in central London for a dinner. After that we have decided to have a drink at the pub, just to remember old times, when we were still chasing each other. πŸ™‚ During those few hours we missed our little angel a lot, but time alone was really needed. I had a chance to to flirt with my man again. :)xx


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