3rd Month

3rd Month
3 months old in her favorite chair

Hey hey! We are three months already!

We are getting in to routine little by little. Eating times, sleeping times are more less regular now. Daniella doesn’t sleep as much during the day, but she is still very good girl. Sitting in her favorite chair and looking around.

3rd Month
Sleep time

Daniella loves ‘talking’ to people. Could speak and smile for hours when someone pays attention to her. She loves tickling and loughs out loud now when we play with her. 🙂

Daniella still sleeps throughout  the whole night. We are so lucky, we didn’t have any sleepless nights with this baby yet..

Our little angel is much more interested in toys. She tries to touch with her little hand or keeps on tapping on a toy in front of her.

3rd Month

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