Ieva Visits Daniella (and me)

Ieva Visits Daniella (and me)Happy day to me and baby Daniella- auntie Ieva came to visit us for the first time after Daniella was born! 
Ieva is my ex-colleague and extremely lovely person. I have some really great memories about her. She is special..

Ieva lived in America for a long time. She has arrived to UK hoping to experience a different kind of life. It was great to have her around. Ieva has lovely, outgoing personality, she is very smart and interesting lady. Sadly she has decided to go back to America last year and we thought she is leaving us for good.. 
We were very excited to know that our Ieva is back! And she is going to stay here for a while! She came to visit us yesterday and we could not be any happier to see her! Ieva brought lovely presents for Daniella and gave her a load of cuddles – Daniella seemed to enjoy this so much. 🙂 We cannot wait for Ievas next visit!! :)x

Ieva brought spring to our home
Ieva Visits Daniella (and me)
Ieva cuddling Daniella 🙂
Ieva Visits Daniella (and me)
Ieva Visits Daniella (and me)
Ieva Visits Daniella (and me)
Lovely 🙂
Ieva Visits Daniella (and me)
Daniella’s lovely presents

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