Nappies Review


Since we had Daniella, we became real experts on baby nappies. I thought I would share this knowledge.


So very first nappies that we tried was old good Pampers New Baby. Cannot complain -they really absorbs very well. No leaks, no nappy rash and fairly thin. 9 out of 10!

Boots  nappies we received from Daniella’s grandparents shortly after her birth. I must say, I wasn’t that impressed at all. Daniella was getting rashes, they were leaking and looked pretty uncomfortable. 2 out of newborn

asda little angels
At first we were really impressed with Little Angels (Asda) nappies! For New Arrival they were brilliant! Very good value for money. Didn’t look cheap, didn’t leak, no rashes. We thought we were so lucky to find them! However, when we bought a bigger size for Daniella, we were really disappointed. Looked pretty basic and weren’t as good at all. We wont be buying this again..
New arrival – 9 out of 10
New arrival Midi and bigger – 3 out of 10


We received Huggies from grandparents again. First impression – nice, thin, soft, looked comfortable on our little one. Minuses are that those nappies needs changing much more often – doesn’t absorb that much. Also 9 times out of 10 will leak when baby does pooh. 6 out of 10 i would say.

So the winner isssssss………


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