4th Month

4th Month

I cannot believe she is four months old already.. Daniella is becoming more like a child, not a baby no more. It is exciting, but also sad. I will miss her so tiny tiny and helpless..

Daniella doesn’t seem to worry about it so much. She hurries to grow up. Doesn’t want to lie down calmly as she used to – tries hard to sit down (of course unsuccessfully yet), her favorite chair is not that favorite no more – Daniella now prefers to be in our arms and enjoy the company. 🙂

Tapping at the toys became proper grabbing now. She grabs them with her little fingers and tries to put it in her mouth.

4th Month
Talking about Daniella’s mouth, I might be wrong, but I think she is teething already! As there is saliva coming  everywhere and she tries to bite everything that is on her way, even me when I am feeding her! Also Daniella’s gums seems to be white at the bottom. So it looks like, but who knows, maybe its just me – overexcited.. 🙂

4th MonthDaniella also turned from her belly to her back this month. However, she is not a big fan of a belly time, so prefers not to do it.:) (Lazy like daddy;) )

We have decided we are not going to rush with solid foods. Definitely not this month. Maybe when Daniella is 5 months old. But if all OK,we might wait until 6 months.

Our angel is more awake now during the day now, but still sleeps for around 5 times a day. One of those naps is for about 3 hours, others half an hour to an hour and a half long.


4th MonthIn the evening we still have the same routine – after last feeding she falls asleep by herself in her cot at around 10pm, then sleeps throughout the night till 7am. At around 7am  Daniella wakes up for feeding and immediately falls asleep again. At around 9am or 10am she will require her food again, then stays up for an hour and goes back to sleep. That’s how we start our day.. 🙂


4th Month4th Month4th Month

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