Hair Colour – John Frieda, Foam Coverage

Hair Colour - John Frieda, Foam Coverage

Normally I would colour and cut my hair at the hairdresser – they know what suites me best. However, this time I have decided to experiment at home. I thought I would save some money, I wont have to look for someone to look after Daniella while someone is dying my hair, so it is much more convenient for me. For the last few times when I was dying my hair (at the hairdresser), I was getting a full head highlights, pretty light blond colour. Normally I would walk out happy with hairdressers job. But as I recently learned, I might still have some undiscovered hidden talents somewhere deep inside, I thought I would try to dye my hair myself. 🙂

So I did. I bought John Frieda Foam Coverage Light Natural Blonde – 9N. It cost me £9.99, so I thought It might be a good quality product (I am one of those people who judge item by its’ price).
I read all instructions (I don’t always do that) and started my own makeover. 🙂
Instructions were very clear, I did all as I was told to do. Applied on my roots first and after some time I spread everything all over my hair. My hair is quite thin, so one pack was more that enough for me. I wasn’t very sure if it is going to work on me, as it wasn’t a liquid, it was a proper foam coming out of the bottle, so didn’t look very promising.

Hair Colour - John Frieda, Foam Coverage

I waited all recommended time and went to wash my hair. Had a little worry deep inside – I was experimenting with myself! 🙂

I have to admit, their conditioner that was inclusive in a kit was pretty nice. The little bottle lasted me for about four washes.
I was drying my hair and I could already see the unwanted difference. My roots looked quite ginger and my darker highlights too. I started to feel paranoid, but was waiting for my hair to dry. I could still see the difference when they did, but it wasn’t that obvious.
I can honestly say I was following all instructions correctly, but result was a bit disappointing. I can live with it- could be worse, but I am not going to buy John Frieda Foam Coverage no more. Also the color has changed after few washes. Faded and bland.
  • Easy to use
  • Clear instructions
  • Lovely conditionair
  • Colour is not as described
  • Colour washes away quickly

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