5th Month

five moths old babyHappy 5 month old our little angel. Once again, time flies… Daniella is becoming more and more active, more aware of what is going on around.

Our biggest milestone was at the beginning of this month when Daniella rolled from her back to belly. After she realised she can do it, I could not enjoy peace and quiet no more. 🙂

Our blue chair is not in use anymore. Daniella refuses to sit there. We recently bought Siesta highchair from Mamas & Papas, Daniella happily stays in that one.

Daniella can sit for a short amount of time without any assistance. She is becoming stronger day by day. Our baby also tries to stand up very hard. I think her legs are very strong. She is very confident when standing. Is she gonna start walking before she learns sitting? 🙂

5th Month

Our angel still sleeps 3 to 4 times a day. Goes to bed for a night sleep at 9.30pm. Still falls asleep on her own. At night, however, she now wakes up at 5am or 6am for a feed. But eats for about 5 minutes and falls asleep straight away again. There were three nights in a row that after waking up at 5am she was very playful and didn’t feel like sleeping no more. That was pretty hard, as I like my sleep, but had to play with Daniella then. Thanks God after those three nights all got back to normal. Daniella wakes up at 8am, stays up for an hour or so and goes back to sleep for normally nearly 3 hrs again.

No teeth yet. But I swear, they are so near! I can see changes on her gums, it is a bit swollen and white on the sides and at the top. Daniella bites everything she can reach. She also cries sometimes pretty hard, but as soon as I give her medicines for teething, she stops. We use Anbesol Liquid, I think it is pretty good so far.

5th MonthDaniella loves going outside. She normally falls asleep in her buggy and can sleep for hours in a fresh air. We started to use sitting part of the pram recently. I found it more confortable when going outside. Daniella can look around if not sleeping.

We are introducing Daniella with solid foods little by little. She seems to be picky baby – doesn’t like sour foods and loves sweet. But her main and favorite food is still mummy’s milk.

5th Month5th Month5th Month


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