Dry Shampoo – my New Found! (review)

Talking about hair, mine is very thin. I dont have this luxury to wash every third or second day. I have to wash my hair every day, otherwise they become greasy and look disgusting. So here is my new found – Dry Shampoo. I was just walking one day in one of the shops looking for something that I dont really need (as usually) and saw Timotey dry shampoo on one of the shelves. I have never tried anything like that and didn’t believe it would work. However, I remembered some stories told by older people how they used to use flour (??????) in old days to ‘wash’ their hair. So I was standing there for a couple of minutes thinking if it is worth a shot, but eh, why not give it a try. I needed to spend some money that day on something that I don’t really need. Couldn’t disappoint myself. 🙂 
Dry Shampoo - my New Found! (review)
Timotei Dry Shampoo for normal and greasy hair cost me about £3 to £4 (cannot remember exactly). I placed it in my shopping bag and went home happily. 
To be honest, I completely forgot about this purchase for at least three days. It was nicely placed in one of my shelves together with other rear usable items. Remembered about that when cleaning dusts from that shelve. And it was a perfect day to try . 
All you have to do, just shake it well, spray it on your roots, keep it for two minutes and brush your hair.  
Dry Shampoo - my New Found! (review)

Result. I was pleasantly surprised. Ir did work. Not the same, of course, like washing your hair, but it did work. Hair didn’t look greasy after all. I wouldn’t wear them down after using dry shampoo, as they become pretty stiff and not that shiny, but for emergency situations it does work. 
After Timotey Dry Shampoo I bought Batiste Dry Shampoo (about £2.50) and I liked it even more. You don’t even have to keep it for two minutes, not even a minute. Just spray, massage and style. 🙂 Just the smell of Batiste Dry Shampoo is not that pleasant and pretty strong (quite annoying). However, they have few choices of different senses, so maybe I just picked the wrong one. 
Overall I would recommend this. It is handy to have for emergency situations. For busy mums, hardworking women or even man. Worth a shot. 🙂

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  1. A small amount of talcum powder also works if you appky a small amount to your roots as it absorbs the grease.
    I will try the dry shampoo though I have been thinking about it.

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