Grilled Mackerel with a Garlic Infused Butter with Capers

(Written by Edward)

Grilled Mackerel with a Garlic Infused Butter with Capers

Another favourite recipe of mine is a fish
dish. Mackerel is one of my favourite
fish to eat. The fish is oily and has a
wonderful unique flavor. We bought the
fish from our local market £3 per medium sized mackerel. Here is the recipe.

3 x Medium sized mackerel.
4 x gloves of garlic
1x Lemon
8 x Piper Maris potatoes boiled 
Olive oil

  • ·     Gut the mackerel –  take off the head, fins and tails.
  • ·     Once prepared oil the mackerel
    and season with salt and pepper.
  • ·     Place under a hot grill and
    grill on both sides for 8 min each.
  • ·     Prepare the butter sauce by chopping
    4 cloves of garlic. 
  • ·     Add 200 grams of butter to
    medium hot frying pan. 
  • ·     Add the garlic and cook
    off. Make sure the garlic and butter do
    not burn by stirring .
  • ·     Now add the juice of one lemon.
  • ·     Cook off and add the capers. 

Now serve the dish by pouring the butter
sauce on top of the mackerel. Serve the
dish with boiled potatoes.
Bon Appetite!!!

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