What to Buy for your Baby

Probably one of the most exciting things while waiting for a baby is buying all new stuff, preparing your home, washing and folding mini clothes for your little one. Here I have decided to write about some of the things that we bought for our little one and how useful or useless they were after Daniella’s arrival.

I would like to start with probably one of our most successful buys – Oyster Travel System. We were choosing between Quinny, ICandy and Oyster. We bought Oyster as it looked very lightweight, compact, easy fold able and small. I am so happy with this purchase. It’s nice to go shopping, as it is very easy to maneuver in between the shelves. I feel so sorry for other moms that I see with their huge ‘posh’ prams. They are struggling big time in shops.
We didn’t buy Moses Basket, as we didn’t think it was necessary. And I really don’t miss it at all. during the day Daniella sleeps in her pram, so I can rock her a bit if necessary. I find it really handy!  
However, Oyster pram is pretty hard if the road is not smooth. But it is really not too bad. I think I would buy the same buggy again for another baby. 🙂
Oyster baby style travel system cary cot
Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix Baby Car Seat was a gift from Daniella’s grandparents. Nice color (red) and looks very comfortable. Pretty lightweight and easy to install in a car. For us it worked really well, as we could attach this on our pram too as a part of Travel System. Daniella seems to love it. Definitely would use this again!
maxi cosi cabrio fix
maxi cosi cabrio fix

Daniella’s cot is Bibi Cot from Mamas & Papas. She sleeps there only at night. I am loving this cot. It’s not huge and very cute. One little minus – it is not possible to slide it’s side wall down. But it is really not a big thing. Loving the size and white color. 🙂
mamas & Papas bibi cot
The music toy for a cot Daniella received from my sister’s Jolita’s family on their first visit. It is also from Mamas & Papas. I am loving its’ neutral colors, so whatever color babys’ duvet will be, it will still  be matching the toy. Daniella likes listening to its soft melody and tries retching cute toys. 🙂 
mamas & papas music toy

Daniella’s Star-lite Swing Once Upon a Time is also from Mamas & Papas. It only depends to Daniellas mood whether she likes or not. But most of the time she falls asleep happily in it while listening to a soft music or watching cute blinking lights on the top of the swing. Would buy this again. Saves some time- batteries do all job here. 🙂

What to Buy for your Baby

I think one of the best ideas was not to buy changing table for Daniella. At the beginning we were looking for one, but they looked so basic or plasticky (and the price is pretty high for what you get). So we came up with another idea. We bought a chest of drawers, put changing mattress on the top (glued it with two sided stickers, so it is not sliding around)  and used this as a changing table. I could not be happier with the result! Looking nice, plenty of space for baby’s clothes, cosmetic, etc…

What to Buy for your Baby

Daniella’s famous blue chair (bouncer) was a life saver since just after Daniella’s birth till nearly five months old. Edwards colleagues gave it to us as a gift. Daniella was always happily lying in it. We used to always take it with us when going to visit family or friends to their houses. Daniella loved it, we loved it. Pity, babies grow out of those cute things so fast… 🙂

What to Buy for your Baby

A cosy nest for newborns and a comfortable cushion support for babies. We received it from my cousin when he came to visit Daniella. Unfortunately I realised a little too late that it can be used for newborns as a nest. However, it is pretty handy to have it now, when Daniella starts learning to sit by herself.
What to Buy for your BabyWhat to Buy for your Baby

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