Baby Led Weaning – Our New Way of Eating!

baby led weaning - pasta

After many researches on the internet and books, after consultations with my mummy friends, I have decided to switch baby pure foods to Baby Led Weaning. Baby Led Weaning is when you baby can eat the same food that you do, just no salt. All you have to do is to hand a piece of food to your baby and they will definitely know what to do with it!


I have to admit, it was pretty scary to me – is it really healthy? what if she chokes? will she be able to eat as much as she needs? Had too many questions in my head.
When we first wanted to try pasta, I wasn’t sure what to do with it – to mash it or to mash it less than usual.. But no! You have to give it to your little one just as it is! Goodbye mashing! Baby will pick up food with her tiny fingers and put it in her tiny mouth.
I have to admit, Daniella really enjoyed it! I also have to admit, that it was sooo messy!! :))

baby led weaning - toast bread

This morning we tried toast. Daniella liked it a lot too.
I think I will stick with this method. I can see my baby enjoying eating much more, plus less hassle – no making pures. Also I really love the fact that we can now have our breakfast, lunch or dinner all together – sitting by the table, like a proper family. Daniella will join us now too. 🙂
I bought a book yesterday – Baby-led Weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett (£6.50), will study this and will see how it goes. Will write an update about Baby Led Weaning after we gain some more experience. Wish us luck! 🙂
Your comments and suggestions are very welcome on this topic. :)x

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