Idea for Sunday – Car Boot Sale!

Yesterday I woke up in a mood of cleaning! Wanted to reorganise some stuff at home, needed to get rid of some clothes and other things that are no longer in use. So since early in the morning I was in action! After half a day of cleaning I realised that we have so much stuff that is not necessary to us! However, most of those things are still in a good condition or even new! It was pity to throw all this to the bin, but no point of storing at home as I don’t think I would ever use it again. I came up with another idea! CAR BOOT SALE! Why don’t we make a day of it and go to car boot sale to try and sell it with Edward and kids. I am sure it would be fun! If the weather is nice (it seems it will be this Sunday), why not to spend day outside with the family. 

Picture below: Only small part of the things that I need to get rid. I also got a loads of Daniella’s clothes, Luka’s clothes and toys, Edward’s stuff and other things. 🙂

Dunton Car Boot sale - things to sell

Normally we go to Dunton car boot sale. It’s not too far from were live – 20 minutes drive and it is HUGE! It would be our first time selling there. 🙂
Picture below: My wardrobe is half empty now!! Time to renew!!!! :)))
Dunton Car Boot sale time to renew wardrobe
So the plan is: to pack everything and to go there this Sunday – apparently it will be 21+ degrees. We will have to leave very early in the morning – Dunton car boot sale gates are opening at 5.30 am. Will go there with kids. Luka (my 9 years old daughter) can sell her stuff – toys, books, clothes… So she will have better understanding about money. Little Daniella will be happy to spend day outside, especially if the weather is nice. We will pack some food, hot tea and will have a beautiful unusual Sunday! 
Will write an update on how did it go for us next week. 🙂
Picture below: Daniella is excited about the idea. However, she doen’t want to sell her toys at all. 🙂
Dunton Car Boot sale - nice to go with kids

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