Our Easter – Lithuanian Style

easter eggs
We didn’t stress about this Easter too much. Decided to have calm family celebrations at home. This time we did more Lithuanian style than English. We bought some Lithuanian food- smoked chicken, smoked mackerel, few different kind of lithuanian meets, herring . We also bought – white eggs and dye for eggs. That is very important Lithuanian tradition to dye eggs on Easter eve. It was actually really fun – we all sat by the table and were trying to draw something on boiled eggs with candle wax. It was quite hard, as first of all we didn’t have right tools for that. But it was fun. After we painted our eggs with wax, we had to put them into coloured water, so whole egg gets the colour, but not the place that was painted with wax. After all our eggs looked like painted by 3 years old kids, but we had a great laugh! 🙂 
Lithuanian sausage
On Easter morning Edward, Daniella and I went to Dagenham market. We heard that there is a guy selling great Lithuanian smoked meat for reasonable price. We spotted Lithuanian flag straight away. And, its true, we bought two good size sausages for £7! Then we went to get some more groceries, but decided to come back to get even more Lithuanian meat. And so happy we did! As we found out later that meat was DELICIOUS! 
Our Easter - Lithuanian style - table set upWe came back home and started to preparations. Set up the table nicely, made some Lithuanian salads and were waiting for our guests to arrive.
We had two guests –  Edward’s brother Jim and Tomas (my daughter’s Luka’s dad). You think it is weird? No, not at all. I have good relationship with Tomas and Luka loves him to bits. Edward   is absolutely fine with that – he was the one inviting Tomas for Easter. We actually all had a great time. 
Daniella was also enjoying her first Easter. Was being a good girl, even when mummy messed up her sleeping times. Happy Easter Everyone!x
Painting eggs
Painting eggs     Painting eggs

Uncle Jim and Daniella

Luka and Tomas
     Easter Bunny

Uncle Jim and DaniellaEaster Bunny Easter Bunny 

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