Our Mini Break to Reading

Hilton Reading Hotel
On Easter holiday we decided to take a break and get out of the city. Edward, his brother Jim, myself and the kids went to Reading for two days.
Even though it was the beginning of April the weather was terrible. On the way to Reading it was snowing! But to be honest the cold weather wasn’t bothering us, we just needed to get away from home.
We stayed at Hilton Reading hotel– booked two interconnecting rooms. We found it nice and cosy- the rooms were bright and spacious.
On the day of arrival we went to get some lunch outside and then the long waited swimming pool at the hotel! I wanted to take Daniella to the pool- she loves water. However, when we went down to the health centre and were all ready for a swim, I discovered that the water might be too cold for our little one. Was about to go back to the room, but Daniella seemed so happy soaking her legs in the water that i have decided to give it a go. I passed Daniella to Edward who was already in the water and she could not be happier then! To be honest, after I got in the water, I realised, that it was not that cold. Just room was very warm, that’s why I got that impression.
Dinner at Cosmo Reading
We spent about an hour in a pool, then had to get ready for dinner.
We ate in Cosmo (Chinese buffet) Reading. We have Cosmo just next to our home back in Romford and we love it. We wanted to check if Cosmo Reading is as good.
I have to admit that I loved Cosmo Reading even more. I am a seafood lover and in Reading they have bigger selection of various seafoods.
After a heavy dinner we went back to the hotel and had some wine, nice chat and evening was over.


Beale Park

Daniella was really naughty that night. She kept on waking up every one hour and a half crying. Probably the day was too active for her, or maybe she was just missing her cot back home..

After a tiring night was hard to wake up for breakfast. But after some food and coffee I felt much better.
That day we went to Beale park in Berkshire. The weather was much better – cold, but sunny, so we did enjoy this trip very much. There is a zoo in a park, couple of mini museums, beautiful gardens.
The Cunning Man PubWe had our lunch at beautiful ‘The Cunning Man’ Pub. Traditionally – fish and chips. It was huge and delicious! And went back to the hotel.


After more than an hour in a swimming pool we have decided to spend the second evening indoors. We prepared some snacks, drinks and had lovely time chatting and laughing.
Daniella slept really well that night, so I had proper rest too..


Newbury CityIn the morning it was time to go home… After breakfast we packed our stuff and checked out of the hotel. The weather was beautiful that day- warm and sunny. So instead of going straight home, we decided to make most of that day too. We went to Newbury city for a nice walk. I have to admit, that I loved that place. Beautiful. Unfortunately we could not stay there for long – was time to go home..
It was a two day break only, but I have to say it was worth it. I feel much more relaxed and ready for a new wave of my daily routine with Daniella.Looking forward to another break, hopefully very soon. 🙂

Hilton Reading HotelBreakfas - Hilton Reading HotelHilton Reading Hotel
Hilton Reading HotelHilton Reading HotelHilton Reading Hotel
Hilton Reading Hotel

Hilton Reading Hotel    Hilton Reading Hotel

Beale ParkBeale Park    

Hilton Reading Hotel swimming pool

Hilton Reading Hotel swimming pool   Hilton Reading Hotel swimming pool

the cunning man pub   Newbury City

Hilton Reading HotelNewbury City

Newbury City

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