Summer Season is Officially Open! – Alba 3pc Bistro Set from The Range

Ikea Edmonton London

This weekend was amazing! Nothing very special, but very exciting. As the weather is getting warmer, we fall into that spring mood and decided to open spring-summer season. So Saturday, after i dropped Luka to Lithuanian school, after Edward’s football we went straight to Ikea Edmonton to get a bistro set for our balcony. Yeah, we do not have our own garden. Not yet. But, oh well, do we really need it? We are just as happy with our little balcony- we are going to get BBQ next weekend and it will be just as good. 🙂

Edmonton Ikea is probably the biggest Ikea in London. It is my favourite shop out of all. I could walk and look around for hours and hours even if not buying anything. 🙂 Even clothes shops don’t make me as happy.

Daniella Ready for Celebrations

There was a choice of bistro sets in Ikea, but we didn’t really like any of these. We bought some other things like vase for flowers, shot glasses(!!!), shelve, candle for our new balcony table that we didn’t yet have and went home to visit our local shops.

And BINGO! We found a lovely table set – Alba Bistro Set for £59.99 at The Range shop just next to our house! We decided to buy it on Sunday as we wanted to check out other shops around just in case.

Edward and I ended Saturday evening in a balcony having a drink and looking forward to Sundays purchase.

Sunday morning we went to Dagenham market. Bought some groceries, Lithuanian sausage and most importantly prawns! We were about to go home when we saw a lovely bistro set selling for £30 (whaaat???)! That got us completely confused, as the table we liked in The Range shop was £59.99. However it was a bit prettier. We sat down in the car not knowing what to do. To buy cheaper and not that pretty or prettier, but for double price. After long discussions we decided to stick with our first choice – bistro set from Range for £59.99. We went straight to that shop and bought it.

The range alba bistro set

Got back home, cleaned the balcony, put the furniture, champagne, prawns and were ready to celebrate. Luka was not at home, so Daniella, Edward and myself. We were sitting outside for about two hours. Had great family time all of us. Now we can officially say – spring – summer season is now open in our home! BBQ next weekend. 🙂

The range alba bistro set summer season openingThe range alba bistro set summer season openingThe range alba bistro set summer season opening

Planting herbs in balconyThe range alba bistro set summer season opening The range alba bistro set summer season opening

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