7th Month

7th month

7th month was very exciting for us. Daniella learned so many new things. She can sit confidently on her own now while playing with toys. However, she still has to be seated – didn’t learn yet how to sit up by herself.

Our angel now clearly shows when she wants to be picked up. She raises her hands towards one of us and gets very excited when we respond. 🙂
The cutest thing is that she can clap now. When we sing to her ‘clap your hands’, she happily starts clapping with her little chubby palms. Daniella also does that when she is excited or wants to draw our attention. It always works for her, as silly mummy and daddy are so excited about her new tricks. 🙂
7 months old baby crawlingDaniella also waves ‘good bye’ when daddy goes to work. I think she learned this during her sixth month, but I cannot remember for sure..
When on her tummy, Daniella is much more smarter now. Knows how to twist clockwise or anticlockwise using her little hands. Still loves being on the floor.
Daniella’s legs are very strong since early age. She is always happy to stand up when we are holding her hands. This month, however, she started to make her first little steps while being held. Still very unconfident, but little by little we are getting there. 🙂
Daniella mostly sleeps 3 times per day- morning, afternoon and evening. Sometimes we skip evening sleep, so she is ready for her nights sleep a bit earlier. Normally I would put her into bed for the night at 9pm or 9.30pm (still falls asleep on her own), and she now wakes up at 6.30am (that is far too early for me!)! However, sometimes she falls asleep after feeding again and sleeps till about 8.30am, but sometimes she doesn’t. If I see she is still sleepy at 6.30am, but fighting and prefers to play, I put her in to our Mamas & Papas swing and she would normally fall asleep for one or two hours more.
As Daniella knows now how to move around, couple of times we found her sleeping in a funny positions – on her tummy or different side of the cot. Cute cute! 🙂
7 months old baby baby led weaning
Eating is going well. We are mixing Baby led Weaning and baby foods (pures). Daniella has already tried many different tastes. She loves rice, loves Philadelphia cheese on toast. Only drinks water and my milk.
No teeth yet..
On our 7th month anniversary Daniella had her immunisations. In the evening her body temperature raised to 39.2.. Was heartbreaking to see our normally very active baby so calm and weak.. She is much better now. Hopefully we wont have to experience anything like that at anytime soon..
7 months old baby 7 months old baby christening7 months old baby sleeping
7 months old baby sick7 months old baby
7 months old baby sleeping7 months old baby sleeping




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