Crawling Tights Anti Slip – Review

crawling tights anti slip I thought I would share another purchase for Daniella that we bought very recently.

As she is learning to crawl now little by little, it is quite difficult for her – we got wooden laminated floor in our flat, so it’s pretty slippery.. I tried to put some blanket on the floor, but doesn’t really help – all gets messed up very soon and I find Daniella struggling on a plain floor anyways.

After some research on the Internet, I found something that looked like a good solution to me. I found ‘crawling tights’ on Ebay for £5.50 plus £1.30 for delivery. Tights have little anti slip dots on the feet and knees, so baby should be more stable on the floor. Bought it. 🙂

crawling tights anti slip Delivery was very fast actually. I placed my order on Thursday in the evening, received it on Saturday in the morning. Was so excited to try!

The size ordered was 6 to 12 months. However, tights were still a bit big for Daniella, even though she is nearly 8 months old. The fabric is 80% cotton, 15% polyamide, 5% elastase, as stated. Tights seemed to be pretty warm. Hmmm, maybe it’s good, as baby will be crawling on the cold floor.

Ah ahh, as much as excited I was when ordering, as much disappointed I am now.. I have to say crawling tights didn’t work for us at all.. 🙁 Daniella still kept on slipping on the floor – those anti slipping dots were still very slippery. Maybe it also counts that the tights were a bit big and the gummy things kept on turning to the wrong position? But what is the point then. My baby needs them now. And seller didn’t have smaller sizes to sell.

Overall I have to say that these are lovely tights with pretty designs (even though most of them were out of stock). Warm and cosy for a colder weather. But doesn’t work as a crawling tights unfortunately. Pity. Will have to find another solution for Daniella’s crawling lessons.. 🙁

crawling tights anti slip

crawling tights anti slip
crawling tights anti slip

crawling tights anti slip crawling tights anti slip

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