Happy Birthday to Me! (or My Best Birthday Ever!)

happy birthday

Ha ha. My birthday today. Lovely surprise in the morning from Edward and kids. Flowers, cards, gifts, birthday cake with 4 candles (???). And the rest of my day is going to be as normal – cleaning, looking after Daniella, cooking. Maybe out for my friends wedding in the evening.

Sounds like I am complaining? Nop, not at all.

I am 31 today (I do feel much younger though!!!) and I have to happily say that this is the happiest time of my life: 
I have my super amazing man, who tells me how much he loves me every single day. Who (after nearly three years together) still buys me flowers, takes me for dates, makes me surprise breakfast in the morning, leaves me love notes on the kitchen table, washing dishes after the dinner, who wakes me up at 6am (I am not too sure about the exact time, but it is far to early for me!) just to kiss me before he is off to work…

happy birthdayI have two best daughters in the world, who love me regardless- if I am moody or upset, if I am sad or happy. Who I can always hug and cuddle knowing how much it means to them..
I have my fat cat Pyshke who eats and sleeps and tries to catch our feet sometimes from under the duvet while we are asleep.
I am 31 and I have much more than I could ever dream of. This is the best present for me. This is my best birthday ever. 
Thank you my best family in the whole world..

Also huge thanks to my Facebook friends and friends for your lovely messages and wishes! Love you all! xx

best family ever

happy birthday

happy birthday

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