Quinny Zapp, Petite Star Zia, Cici from Babies R Us, Graco Evo Mini and Nuna Pepp Pushchairs Review

Since we live on the second floor and there is no lift, we decided that would be good to have a lightweight and easy foldable pushchair for Daniella. We do still love our Oyster pram, but if I am alone and want to go out with Daniella, I have to bring the pram downstairs and then to come back for Daniella. I do find it pretty annoying. So one nice Saturday we went to Lakeside to check some pushchairs out. Why Lakeside? Because there are quite few shops for babies, such as Mothercare, Mamas & Papas, Babies R Us and most importantly – Kiddicare.

Before going there we did some researches on the internet. Our favourite so far was Quinny Zapp. However, we discovered it has only one – sitting position – you cannot recline that one. There also was another pushchair, pretty similar – two part Quinny Zapp Extra. You can change positions on that one, but it wouldn’t make sense for us, as this pram has two separate parts – seat unit and the frame and we were looking for the whole thing easy foldable. So sadly we had to say no to Quinny. 
After some more researches we found something pretty similar to Quinny. Petite Star Zia looked pretty nice. Lovely range of colours and pretty design. We were excited about that one, so went to Lakeside to see it live. 
First shop to visit was Babies R Us, where they had Petite Star Zia displayed. Price was about £150. However, after seeing this  we were pretty disappointed – pushchair looked very plasticky and unstable. We checked the reviews out for it and people were actually saying that it tipped over when their babies leaned over the side! Terrifying! 
But we saw something else that we liked just next to Petite Star Zia! It was Babies R Us brand Cici stroller, which was, again, similar to Quinny Zapp and Petite Star Zia – three-wheeler, easy foldable, lightweight. And best of all – the price was £89.99 – which was well under our budget! To be honest I liked Cici stroller much more that Petite Star Zia. The quality felt so much better!
We have decided to keep this one in mind and went to see what other shops had to offer. 
At Mothercare we liked Graco Evo Mini pushchair – £179.99, which was super-lightweight – 6.2 kilograms and good looking stroller. 
At Mamas & Papas we didn’t find anything to our taste, so went to Kiddicare. 
Kiddicare at Lakeside is HUGE! There was a big range of prams and other things for babies. It is also cheaper then other shops (even Pampers nappies are less expensive than anywhere else!). 
After only few minutes in the shop we saw something that we fall in love with from the very first look. Nuna Pepp Pushchair – £200. Yes, it does have a price, but it did tick all boxes for us. Lightweight, very easy foldable, stylish looking and so easy to push! The quality felt so good and reviews on that one were fantastic! Nuna Pepp pushchair has three reclining positions, adjustable handle, nice size shopping bag and lovely rain cover.

After using Nuna Pepp pushchair for a while now, I cannot find a single fault in it. Been carrying it up stairs and down stairs while holding Daniella in another hand – it is really manageable! So glad we found exactly what we were looking for! 100% recommended!

Picture below-> Unpacking our New Pushchair

Picture on the left <- Uncle Jim is Posing Next to Daniella’s Nuna Pepp

Picture on the right -> We Loved the style! 

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