Best Supermarket Doughnuts

This post will be quite weird. 🙂

I just wanted to share about my latest find that I love to bits! It actually is… Sainsbury’s doughnuts! My favourite ones are with vanilla cream, but they also sell with jam and plain ones- they just literally melt in your mouth!!

Sainsbury’s doughnuts are not like any other doughnuts- far from Tesco, far from Asda! After eating Sainsbury’s doughnuts for a while we bought from Tesco and… I had to chuck them in the bin! They seemed so tasteless..

Sainsbury’s doughnuts cost £0.65 for 5 of them. The pastry itself and the cream are so so so tasty! Especially if you can get them freshly baked, in the morning, it will brighten your day for sure! I am not the biggest fan of the sweet food, but I do crave for those!

So I do recommend you to try! Once again, doughnuts have to be from Sainsburys! For breakfast, with a cup of coffee or a tea… Mmmmm.. I am going to get one right now…

Please let me know if you liked them! 🙂

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