My Daily Routine

my daily routineI am not gonna lie there – I had a loads to learn after Daniella’s birth.

I was obsessed with cleaning while pregnant. Especially at the end of pregnancy. Every single corner of our home was cleaned to perfection. I had to learn to get things sorted after our baby’s was born..

Luckily we were blessed with a very calm an sleepy baby. So I wouldn’t say that after Daniella arrived, things changed completely. No. Daniella was sleeping for most of the day, she was hardly ever crying, so I had plenty of time for cleaning or cooking.

Daniella is eight months old now and I have to admit, it became a bit more challenging. She does require much more attention, she does make more mess at home, she wants to be held, doesn’t like to be left alone in the room. I have to adjust my routine to her routine now, and believe me, it is not easy!

Since few months ago I was trying to get into some kind of routine that would help me to tick all the boxes on my check list throughout the day: Daniella’s needs, cleaning, cooking, Lukas homeworks, my blog, of course and some other small things (like food shopping, etc).

my daily routineI have to admit, it took some time to work out which way of daily tasks organising would suit us best. I used to wake up in the morning, prepare Luka to school, get Daniella ready, go for food shopping, then come back home, had to clean, cook, put Daniella to sleep, wait for Luka to come back, feed her, etc.. Used to get confused – too many disorganised things in my head. Ended up stressed, exhausted and moody in the evening. Deadly needed a change.

So finally, after some experiments I came up with the routine that seems to finally work for us and helps to keep our journey throughout the day as stress less as possible.

my daily routineSo here is my routine:

7.50am my alarm clock rings – it means time to get Luka ready to school (I normally wake her up at 8am, but I like to reserve those 10 minutes for a little lie in bed. At that time Edward is already getting ready for work, so we have a small morning chat before he is off for the day.)

8.00am-8.40am. Daniella normally wakes up at around 8am. After changing her nappy I put her in jumperoo and she watches Peppa Pig, Fify and The Flowertots and other cartoons from Milkshake morning program. In a mean time I prepare breakfast and pack lunch for Luka. Daniella and Luka mostly have breakfast together.

8.40am Luka is off to school, so I make a tea or coffee for myself (depending on how sleepy I am) and have a light breakfast. 

Straight after that I start cleaning – washing dishes left from breakfast, laundry, etc…

my daily routine

I don’t always make it to hoovering or mopping the floor, as Daniella starts to feel sleepy again at around 10am, so I have to put her to bed. 

Daniella would sleep for an hour or two at that time, so I would finish my cleaning (not mopping of hoovering), have another cup of tea or write on my blog. 🙂 

When Daniella wakes up, I get her changed for the day, nurse her and get on with my hoovering or mopping while she plays with her toys. 

At around 1pm I prepare some lunch for Daniella (I do forget mine most of the time) and feed her. 

2.30pm roughly Daniella would go back to sleep for an hour or two again. In a mean time I prepare some lunch for Luka, who comes back at 3.30pm. 

After Luka comes back, I run to the shop if I need to and get on with my dinner preparations. My aim is to have dinner ready for 6.30pm – at that time Edward is back from work.
my daily routine

At 6.30pm we all have a dinner as a family (Daniella always eats together). Dishes after dinner will mostly be washed by Edward or Luka.

At around 7pm Daniella would normally go for her half an hour evening sleep, then light snack at around 8pm.

9.00 Luka is off to bed

In a mean time Edward or myself would get Daniella changed to her pyjamas. I nurse her, put her in a cot, switch the light off and go to another room. 

Mummy’s and daddy’s time then. 🙂

Weekends, however, are completely different. There is no proper routine for Saturday or Sunday as Edward and Luka are off, so we always have different plans – routine then changes accordingly.

I am pleasantly surprised how a little bit of organisation during the day can make things so much easier and smoother. Try it yourself!x

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