9th Month

Daniella has six teeth now!!! They all came nearly at the same time. Teething is going well for us. It doesn’t seem to bother Daniella too much. She is just as happy as always.

The most exciting event last month was when Daniella started to crawl! It happened at the beginning of the month, 15th of June. It was quite unexpected, as I thought she was still pretty unstable in her crawling position, rocking herself backwards and forwards. But Daniella surprised everyone by her first crawling trials. šŸ™‚

Daniella can crawl really fast now. from one room to another. From mirror to the cat’s food, that I found her eating at least three times already! Daniella was extremely upset when i took it off her mouth!

Daniella can now easily stand up in her cot, next to the coffee table or TV table. She can stand holding on something for quite a while. Enjoys it so much.

Daniella’s sleepingĀ patternsĀ didn’t change much. Still bed time at 9pm. Wakes up at 5.30 or 6am for nursing and normally falls back asleep till 7am. Hghrgh… :/ Too early for me…

Our little one still sleeps 3 times during the day. She is having her day naps in her lovely cot. no more rocking. I just Ā have to sit next to her and wait for her to fall asleep. After some trials to keep herself awake, Daniella finally gives up and falls asleep.

Daniella is not fussy for food at all. Eats everything we give her. Especially loves HippĀ biscuits for babies and bananas. IĀ only nurse her twice a day now. Morning and evening.

In general it is really fun now having this baby. She is so playful and so cute! She likesĀ cuddling,Ā tickling. She laughs out loud when we make funny expressions.

I cannot think of anything else at theĀ moment, as IĀ am extremely tired today – I got back to work already (more about this will be in another article). If there is something I forgot to mention about, I will update this post as soon as I remember. šŸ™‚ (Also video will be uploaded soon).



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