Mood Swings and Best Sandy Beach in UK

What an adventurous weekend we had… Good and bad. Or actually bad and good.

I think I had enough of sitting at home. I don’t know what is going on with myself. Becoming so moody, like never before. So weekend started not so nice. I was so tired after another week of this never-ending routine that I just simply could not control myself and took it out on my poor family… What a cow. 🙁

Thank God for my super calm and understanding boyfriend. He helped to put things back together.. Love you babe.xx

For my mood swings I bought vitamin B6 from Boots. It helps regulate hormonal activity and helps reduce tiredness (at least the label says that). So let’s pray for the best now. But most of all I think I need to start working again. seeing people and keep myself busy.

However, after spoiled Saturday there came sunny Sunday. Weather forecasts were promising warm and sunny weather so we decided to go to the seaside!

It was Daniella’s first trip to the sea. So exciting! We decided to go to Rye (Camber Sands). We been there before – nice sandy beach and lovely dunes.

However, when we nearly arrived, my sister, who was already there called and said that it is far too windy- wind was blowing sand everywhere, and she was about to go home. It was disappointing as after two hours drive I was so looking forward to finally sit and enjoy the sun.. But my sister assured me, that it won’t be possible to stay there, especially with the baby. And its true, when we approached Rye, we saw all the people going back to their cars to go home. I was not ready to give up. After long discussions where to go and what to do, my other sisters friends came up with an idea to go to Ramsgate which was 1.5hrs drive from where we were. I am so glad we did this! That 1.5hrs drive didn’t seem to long, as it was so pretty outside! We passed amazing Dover and many other beautiful places.

When we finally arrived to Ramsgate, we were not disappointed at all! Beach was even so much better than Rye’s!! Beautiful white cliffs that were also keeping us away from the wind, sandy beach and the sea! So pretty!!!!!!

We had a little BBQ on the seaside, snacks, nice chat.. Kids loved the place and Daniella was so excited to get her chubby feet into the sea for the first time. 🙂

To go back home took only 1.5hrs! After putting children to beds mine and Edwards evening was completed traditionally – with a nice drink and chat in a balcony.  We are so happy we discovered Ramsgate! It’s our new favourite beach in UK! xx

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