Spending Money Wisely

Since we decided to try saving money with Edward, I started to look at how much things cost more closely. We realised that we spend a loads of money on things that are unnecessary to us or even things that we do not need at all!! I started to read a book that I got from my sister about money saving and I finally realised what money wasters we are!

So Edward and I got quite excited about saving money. We started to make lists for food shopping, so we don’t buy unneeded stuff, less restaurants and take aways (we cannot completely say no to those as we will get depressed very soon). So overall trying to spend our money more wisely.

It is just a beginning of us trying to save, so I cannot share exciting results yet, but I can honestly say – saving (or looking for bargains) can be fun!

Here is a perfect example: today I went to buy couple of clothes for Daniella. The weather is getting warm now and she grew out of most of her summer clothes already! 🙂

Here is what I got (I was impressed with myself big time!):

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms from H&M – £1! (There was no label, so not sure what was the original price)
Pink knee length leggings from H&M- £1! (Discounted from £2.50)
Pink leggings with a kitten from H&M – £2! (Discounted from 3.99)

I also found some very cute t-shirts in.. Primark! 🙂

Green with heart and pink ‘daddy’s girl’ t-shirts were £1.50 each! 

Pink striped and white – £3.50 for two pack.

Overall I spent £10.50 for Daniella’s clothes today and I got 7 items for that! Normally we would hardly get one for this price.. 🙂 Learning fast, hugh? 🙂

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