10th Month

Time is flying as always and here we are 10 months old now. Getting bigger and smarter day by day.

Daniella grew up a lot this month. She can crawl so fast now, that I have to make some effort to catch her! She is becoming so independent. She is cheeky little monkey – knows that I don’t like her going to the bathroom, as there is a cat litter over there and all cleaning liquids that are not good for her to touch, but whenever she sees the door open, she crawls to the bathroom so fast, that I am not always able to stop her on time. Cheeky thing.

Daniella can also stand up very easily and walk while holding to the furniture. She is also is able to stand for some time not holding! I guess Daniella will start walking pretty soon!

Another cute thing is that Daniella recognises people in the pictures and happily points with her little finger when asked where is mummy, where is daddy, etc..

We still have the same six teeth. I believe some more are coming very soon, as her gums are pretty swollen and she is naughtier a bit. Talking about teeth, we brush them every evening with a little toothbrush. Daniella loves it so far.

Daniella eats all sorts of food. She loves fruits, biscuits and everything else, to be honest. 🙂 She is not fussy eater at all.  Eats whatever is on the plate. How nice.

Daniella’s night sleep, however, got a bit worse. She falls asleep at around 9.30pm. Edward or  I have to sit next to her in the bedroom while she brings herself to sleep, otherwise we will find this cheeky girl standing in her cot and laughing. At 4am she normally wakes up for nursing (this is the only time when i nurse her). Then falls back asleep. Until 6am or 6.30am. Not to my liking at all.

During the day Daniella sleeps 2 to 3 times. Morning nap normally lasts for about an hour, afternoon nap could be up to 3 hours!



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