Our Carboot Sale Selling Experience

First I have to apologise for not blogging for so long. All this new routine since I got back to work is taking time to adjust.. But here I am again, will try to be more consistent from now on. 🙂

I am going to share our car boot sale selling experience! Yes, yes, we finally went there! Was really nice day out with a family – not spending, but making some money for once. 🙂

We started getting ready on Saturday in the afternoon. It was shocking to see how much unneeded stuff we have! Was actually really nice to get rid of a lot of clutter!

We sorted My, Luka’s, Edward’s and Daniella’s clothes and other things, bought clothes rack from Argos (£10.99), packed everything nicely in big bags and stored into the car for the night. We had to wake up very early the following morning, had to be there by 5.30am!

Dunton car boot sale

The idea was that Edward and I will be selling our and Daniella’s belongings and Luka (my 9 years old daughter)  will be selling her own things and will keep the money. Was really lovely to watch how excited Luka was about earning some extra money!

We finished packing at around 10pm! It was a hard work actually! After I put kids to bed, I prepared some sandwiches for tomorrow and Edward made an amazing seafood dinner – calamari, prawns and a crab (we got this seafood at the Billings Gate market) with a glass of wine.

seafood dinner

The following morning we all woke up at 4.50am. After some coffees and light breakfast we sat in the car and our adventure has started.

Dunton car boot sale

To sell in Dunton car boot sale costs £9. There is no need to reserve the place, the space is enormous. So we arrived and started unpacking. Well done to us for sorting everything nicely the evening before – it took minutes to display everything we had.

Dunton car boot sale

We all had a loads of fun that day. Was proper family Sunday in a fresh air. For some of us learning something new about life. Daniella was being a very good girl – I am so glad we took her together. She had couple of naps while we were selling and was happily sitting in her pushchair while not sleeping.

Dunton car boot sale

Luka probably liked it the most of all. She was enthusiastically selling her belongings – earned £23!

Dunton car boot sale

Overall at Dunton car boot sale we earned £92. I think it is really not bad, keeping in mind that we had a loads of fun.  We will definitely do this again!x

Dunton car boot sale
Dunton car boot saleDunton car boot sale
Dunton car boot sale

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