11th Month

Sorry for being late with this post. I simply did not realise that another month has passed. It’s just too quick!!

Oh God, we are 11 months already.. I will certainly miss Daniella being a baby… She is growing into a lovely toddler now.

During her 11th month Daniella changed quite  bit. She is now a smart cheeky girl, normally very happy, but can turn into a little cute monster if doesn’t get what she wants!

Daniella is now very confident at standing and walking while holding on furniture. She could easily walk on her own if she wanted to. But it seems that old good crawling is a better option for her. Hopefully not for long. 🙂

Daniella’s sleep. Hmmmm. Hard to say. With ups and downs. Goes to sleep at 9pm, wakes up at 6am. I recently realised, that after I her give milk, she would fall back asleep until about 8.30am. Those days are blessed. Otherwise I am forced to make myself awake and get on with my day from 6am. I wouldn’t say that it is thaaat bad, as normally I have to wake up to work at 6.20am, so I am nearly used to it. But still prefer to sleep a bit longer on my days off….

During the day Daniella  sleeps twice. Morning and afternoon. Day sleeps take around two hours each.

At the beginning of this month I stopped nursing Daniella. We now use Aptamil formula as a replacement. If I will ever have another baby, I will certainly be nursing again! Making formula at early hours or in a middle of the night is so so so annoying!!! Nursing makes it all so much easier!

Daniella still loves eating. We give her pretty much everything we eat. Our baby still only drinks water and milk. When drinking from the bottle she can now hold it properly herself. I’m loving it. 🙂

We didn’t get any new teeth yet. Still six.

One more thing that I realised last month is that when Daniella is on the bed, she is not crawling like crazy to the side of it, risking to fall off. She is now much more careful and whenever she fancies to go down, she turns around, puts her legs down and gets herself on the floor! Even though I never leave Daniella on the bed by herself, still watching her closely, she is still such a baby to me…

In general it was an active month for us. Daniella is more and more interested in what’s happening in the world. wants to touch things, to taste everything. It’s funny to see her playing with our new Bichon Frise puppy Salsa. They are so alike doing things together. 🙂

Daniella does not pull pets hairs no more. Plays nicely with them. Strokes and cuddles.

September will be another busy month for us, as it’s Daniella christening this month. I cannot believe, that my next update will be on her first birthday… Knowing it makes me feel emotional.xxx



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