12th Month

After one months break I am back to blogging again! Last month was super active for us- christening preparations, work, Daniella’s first birthday… But I missed blogging so much. There was no one day without thinking and feeling guilty for not blogging. So many things to write about. 🙂

So Happy 1st Birthday our little Daniella!

This year has gone extremely fast. Many things had changed. And I have to admit, that I have never been so happy before. My family is everything to me.
One super exciting event happened to us just one day before Daniella’s christening – 28th of September. That day Daniella made her very first steps on her own. However, she is still not too keen on walking independently. Daniella prefers crawling, as it is much faster for her. But sometimes she simply stands up in a middle of the room and slowly walks to the sofa, table or any other object that she has chosen to.

Our princess now loves being in children’s company. She is getting more and more interested of other kids playing around. My sister has 3 years old boy. It is lovely to see Daniella and her cousin playing together.

Daniella can say mama, dada (daddy), bye bye, nana (banana), nom nom…. It’s so sweet to see her more and more involved into everyday life…

Daniella’s sleep has not changed that much. She falls asleep at 9.30pm, wakes up at around 7am. During the day she still sleeps twice. Mornings nap is normally longer than afternoons.

It has become a little bit harder with our little one. She is becoming a bit fussier for food. Prefers sweet tastes over the healthy ones (of course) :). We now give dairy milk every day instead of formula. She seems to like it just as much.

Daniella’s personality is starting to come out now. For example, she is not always happy to be seated in her car seat. She tries hard to keep her back straight, so I would not be able to put her in. Cheeky monkey. 🙂 She also clearly shows when she wants to be picked up, or when she would like to go on the floor. Points with her little finger to the directions in the room, where she would like to be taken!

But she is also so so so sweet. Gives kiss to mummy or daddy when asked (if in a mood), loves hugs, cuddles or daddy”s tickling. Daniella in general is very smiley baby. It is just wonderful to see her cute smile every day…

I have so much to write about. Will tell you about Daniella’s christening in my next story. Also we are off to Egypt this Thursday. So looking forward to that! Our holiday adventures and pictures will be posted here soon! xx


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