Family Holiday at Sharm el Sheikh

I cannot believe our holiday is now over… It felt like it is never gonna come, and now it is just memories. However, it was amazing. We had super relaxing time all of us.

As I mentioned in one of my posts, we decided to take kids to Egypt with us. I just could not even think of leaving Daniella for a week without getting emotional. Therefore Edward and I sat down one evening, talked of all plus’ and minuses  and came up with a decision, that Luka and Daniella are going to Sharm El Sheikh with us. 
So finally The Day has come! And one cold Thursday morning we were all off to the airport! 
The biggest challenge for us was the 5 hours flight to Egypt with Daniella. We had tickets booked with Thomas Cook airlines. I have to say, I wasn’t impressed with Thomas Cook airplanes at all. Quite old fashioned, seats are squashed- very little room for legs, not much difference from Ryanair, ha. 
The flight was long. We managed to put Daniella to sleep for nearly two hours, the rest we spent trying to keep her occupied. Finally we arrived!
That first feeling when you get off the plane was the big wave of the hot air which is unforgettable! We were at Sharm!
We booked Sharm Grand Plaza Resort, 5* hotel for our stay. Transfer was also booked, so we had no problems with getting to the hotel. Hotel was beautiful. Amazing gardens, many swimming pools, private beach. I emailed them before our holiday, so we had a really nice, large room allocated, very close to the pools. I requested for our room to be on the ground floor, as it would be quite inconvenient to carry Daniella’s buggy upstairs all the time. Definitely impressed with the room and lands of Sharm Grand Plaza Resort.

Our holiday with kids was much nicer and easier, than I thought it would be. Luka met some friends and was always busy playing in the water. Daniella slept a lot during the day letting mummy and daddy to relax. 🙂 Our day at Sharm El Sheikh looked like this: 7.00am we wake up (Daniella would not let us sleep any longer), 8.00am we go for breakfast, by 9.00am we would already be relaxing next to the swimming pool. Daniella loves water, so she would normally be paddling until 10am, then she has her milk, we have a little walk around the hotel and she falls asleep in her new Mamas & Papas Sync buggy (yes, yes, we bought a new one again!).. Daniella would normally be sleeping for at least two hours, so mummy and daddy can relax. After Daniella wakes up, it’s already nearly 1pm, which is lunch time at the hotel. We all go for lunch. After lunch we go back to the pool where Daniella is paddling for another hour. At around 3pm she falls asleep again leaving mummy and daddy to rest for another two hours. What a good girl! 🙂 In the evening Daniella falls asleep at 9pm and does not wake up till 7am. So when we go to see the entertainment at the hotel or for a nice cocktail to a pool bar, she is nicely sleeping in her Mamas & Papas Sync buggy. And no matter how loud is the music, she will not wake up till morning.
We had, of course, couple of excursions, visited Naama Bay and Soho Square in Sharm El Sheikh, had a shisha (bought one as well), went to the seafood restaurant and couple of other places to eat, so really really had a great time.
In terms of our resort (Sharm Grand Plaza), rooms and grounds were really nice, but i didn’t like the food. It was often quite bland, breakfast was exactly the same every morning. I was so happy to see pancakes, but they tasted horrible. We noticed, that vegetables were not always fresh. There was a seafood evening at the hotel, we were so happy to know, as we both love seafood. However, I was so disappointed in the evening. Everything tasted just horrible. I tried to eat mussels, but there was hardly any meat – only shelves and they were full of … sand…. 🙁
Another thing that Sharm Grand Plaza could improve on is lack of entertainment. They had shows every evening at the hotel and these were pretty good, actually. Also in the morning they had water polo, Aqua Gym music, was really cool. But after evening entertainment, hotel becomes completely quiet, you could only hear the music from hotels next door. 
Yes, Sharm Grand Plaza has a disco until 2am, but it is always empty, as it is indoors. They would rather keep their music playing in their Luna bar, next to the pool, as it’s always full of people.
So in other words, thank God we were there with children, otherwise we would have been quite bored in the evening at the hotel. Next year we are planning to go to Egypt again, but we will look for another resort. As I said, it was a beautiful looking place, but there is room to improve. 
The flight back home to London seemed even longer. Why do holidays go so fast? Now we are back to rainy England, back to work but have many amazing memories from our lovely holiday. Hopefully next trip will be very soon. 🙂

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