Edward’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

So this Ice bucket madness came into our house too. Edward was nominated by our friend Chris and I really didn’t believe he would do it. But he did! On bank holiday Sunday, when our usual crowd – Laura, Modestas, Chris, Edward and I all met up at ours, after couple of drinks Edward announced, he is going to pour that icy water on his head!

Ahh, we had so much laugh!!

We dressed Edward up into mermaids costume! He was wearing my swimming top and Lukas’ (my elder daughter’s) mermaid tail. It was hilarious!!

It was dark outside already, so the video is not very clear, but you can still see. We had many watchers from the
neighbourhood and they all started clapping when we finished!

We have donated some money and we had a lot of fun overall. 🙂

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