Lithuanian Holiday 2014

I cannot believe our holiday is already over. Back to work, cleaning, cooking – same old routine all over again. Maybe it wouldn’t feel as bad, if we wouldn’t have to leave our lovely flat by middle of September..  I really do hate renting – our landlord is selling the place, so we are forced to look for a new home. Sad, sad, sad, as we really loved this place.. Cannot wait to buy our own house one day. Hopefully soon..

Anyways, our holiday was AMAZING! We went to Lithuania for two weeks and had really great time!

Firstly we went to one of Lithuanian summer resorts by the lake, named ‘Vitruna’. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend the resort itself, it didn’t meet our expectations, as our little house that we rented was very smelly and tired, also the women owner was very unpleasant (so don’t go there).

However, resort is allocated in a very beautiful place of Lithuania – surrounded by pine forests and just next to Dusia lake, that is one of the biggest and cleanest lakes in Lithuania. We stayed there for two nights. Really enjoyed my very good friends Kristinas, my best cousins ever Lukas and their families company. 🙂

We had so many plans in Lithuania. Were planning to visit many beautiful places, but two weeks just simply was not enough… We went to Lithuanian seaside, visited Palanga and Sventoji, visited some of my relatives, my friends. And holiday was over.. Already looking forward to our next trip there. Still so many things to do 🙂

Some photos from our beautiful holiday:

Below is our first breakfast this year in my grandma’s house. I miss her freshly grown tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables picked from the garden.. Ahh..

This is the view from our home in Lithuania. A lot of greenness. That’s what I really miss in England.. 

Kacergine – my hometown

Our park in Kacergine…
Kaunas city

By the lake…
At my grandma’s sisters farm, where I spent most of my summers when I was a child. Love that place and those people till today. So many great memories..
Lithuanian seaside Palanga

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