The Bodyguard Musical and The Singer Takes it All Filming. Wonderful Time out!

Last week was pleasantly active for us. We really had wonderful time!

Edward and I love musicals!! We have already been to ‘Ghost’, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Jersey boys’ and ‘Lion king’.. Yes, it is pricey, but it is so so so good!!!

This time, after one of my sweet ex-colleague’s recommendations, we and our lovely friends Laura and Modestas have decided to see ‘The Bodyguard’ musical.

I will tell you one thing! Try to still make it if you can!! We loved it! Alexandra Burke was sensational- what a great lead to be singing Whitney songs! The final song lifted the roof and everyone got to dance! We paid £55 per ticket and our seats were not bad. It is such a shame it is closing in the West End at the end of this week (29/08)…

On Friday we had another attraction, that we really enjoyed too! This one didn’t cost us anything and, again, we had an amazing time and unforgettable experience! We went to ITV channel 4 TV show ‘The Singer Takes it All’ filming! You wanna do it? not a problem! Just register yourself on and try to win some tickets to the show you like. 🙂 Simple as that.

Tickets are free, however, regular tickets do not guarantee the entry. We didn’t know that when we first booked, we went pretty late (but we weren’t late) and we didn’t get in.. Good thing was, that you then get priority tickets to another show (we got for X Factor auditions, but we were on holiday then) with entrance guaranteed (unless you arrive too late). There is another option, that we have chosen to do – we paid £24 for yearly membership on applause store, so we will now always get priority tickets (subject to availability).

I guarantee you – it is such a great experience! The show that we went was live on TV, therefore was super interesting to see how everything works! It is great how they work with the audience before show starts and while advertisements are playing to keep everyone cheerful. We were all dancing, clapping, screaming, shouting – 100% involved! It’s just pity, that I was not allowed to take photos there – they wouldn’t even let you take phone out. But we will definitely do it again! I am trying now to get tickets to Celebrity Juice filming. We just love this show – too funny.

Here is official trailer from The Bodyguard. Really really enjoyed!

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