Daniella’s 2nd Birthday!

Goodness me!!! My baby girl has just turned two!! It’s already hard to remember how she looked when she was a tiny baby! So happy I have all posts and videos since she was born. I am missing it already… Happy Birthday, Our Little Angel!!! xxx

Daniella’s real birthday is 7th of October. This year it turned out on Tuesday, so main celebrations we moved to Sunday.

We didn’t do anything big this year. Since we were busy with finding and moving home, we didn’t have much time to organise everything. We have invited Edward’s family and cousin and my family to enjoy Daniella’s celebrations. Daniella was overwhelmed with so much attention, with her birthday presents and a cake! We all really enjoyed her special day.


Edward and I bought Daniella a Baby Born Dolly and a dolly’s cot. We knew she would be happy as she is such a mini mummy already. 😀 Daniella has few baby dolls in her toys collection, but they are all quite worn out, so we decided to renew. I just regret, that I didn’t film that moment when she was unwrapping it! she was so interested straight away! Started comforting her baby doll, put in a cot and took all the responsibility of being a new mummy – glad we have chosen this!

Daniella received many more presents from our loving families. Mostly clothes (I am so happy about it, less things for me to worry about)! Cute little dresses, pyjamas, hat, some toys. etc… Thanks to all so so so much!

Below are some pictures from Daniella’s birthday. I have to apologise about the quality, our camera gave up. Enjoy 🙂

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