Pregnant Again!!!

new baby scan photo

(Written on 21/10)

This post is not gonna be posted today… Not even tomorrow… And not next week… I am gonna post this officially in about two months. When… I will be 3-4 months pregnant!….

Yes, I just found out and I am all full of different feelings and emotions, as this was unplanned pregnancy and it hit me by a big surprise.. We had so many plans that will have to wait now, I cannot even express to you of how confused I am right now.. But hey, if God gave another angel to us, we must feel blessed. There are so many families who cannot have kids. That must be devastating. We just have to be grateful for what we have…

I am going to tell Edward today. I wonder how he reacts. When I got pregnant with Daniella, I got him a book ‘Pregnancy for Men’ and wrote a card letting him know he is going to be dad. Daniella was planned baby, Edward had happy tears when he read his card. Even though this new pregnancy is not planned, I am sure he will be happy. He wanted another baby more than I did. 🙂 I am sure he will be over the moon, no matter what plans we had before finding out…

I will be posting in my blog at least twice a month with pregnancy updates. Will let you know how is all going, how I feel, my belly growth, etc. Exciting times ahead…

Since I cannot officially post this post yet, I will be writing here for about two months till I am 3-4 months pregnant keeping you up with updates. I really cannot believe I will have a baby number 3! Even though my oldest is 11 years old, I still feel like a child myself…

Alright… I will let you know of Edwards reaction next time… Fingers crossed…. xx

(Written on 11/11)

So so so… Nearly one month passed since we found out.  I am still getting used to the thought, but not that shocked no more.. We will be alright. No one knows yet. Edward only. I told him The News on that evening 21/10. Didn’t know how to start, so was delaying a bit. But Edward knows me so well. He realised something has happened and finally I had to tell. Edward had to sit down when heard the news.

Anyways, this situation just proved to me again what a wonderful man I have. He was very supportive from day 1 and no matter how unexpected the situation was. Love him with all my heart.

(Written on 12/02)

Yeh,  I don’t write very often  these days.. But I am so completely out of energy. Really cannot wait for those first three months to pass  so I  can  be  old self again..

At the moment life  is a  big challenge. Waking up is a challenge,  cleaning is a challenge, cooking is a challenge. Sometimes just want to sit and  cry as I am so tired of being tired….

Today is  probably the first  day after long long  time, that I actually feel a bit more alive. After morning  cleaning routine  I still have energy for blogging! So maybe  it is getting better??? It is nearly 3 months now and after my first check up I will be announcing this officially!! 🙂

What’s changed during my first three pregnancy months.

As I have  already mentioned before,  I feel continuously tired since month 1.  Having naps during the day whenever I can, moody and tired at work and really have to force myself to clean and cook while home…

My sleep during  the night however is horrible..No matter how tired i feel, it is extremely  difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes I would be lying there for good few  hours  till I finally fall asleep.  I am waking up to the toilet at least twice a night. That is extremely annoying, as I have to  make an effort to fall back asleep  again. I feel thirsty all the time.  So drinking  a looot of water.

Had couple of morning sicknesses.. Not too many, about three times I think. Thank God for that,  as with Daniella  I was continuously throwing up for nearly 4 first months..

Before I  got pregnant, coffee  was my best fiend. Could not  imagine my day  without it. I didn’t drink  much coffee – only about 2 cups  per day,  but it had to be strong and it was a MUST for  me.  However now,  even the  smell of coffee makes me sick.  One of my morning sicknesses  started after I had a cup of mild coffee. Don’t event want to look that way no more. Drinking black  tea with milk or lemon and honey instead.. 

Food… Have so many different cravings every  day! One day I crave for roasted potatoes, another day even  the thought  of it  makes me sick. Mostly  I want Lithuanian food. Also crave for  spicy. Love jalapenos, tomato juice with a  lot of Tabasco and  FRUITS.

I am not gaining  any weight yet. 47 kilograms as it was before, however, not fitting in  my work  trousers  no more!!! Cannot close the zip or button them! Since i didn’t get a chance to  buy new trousers, I am still using old ones – walking with  my zip fully open! of course, I have quite long black top, that  should more  less cover it. 🙂 Hopefully no one saw it..

We didn’t tell anyone yet about our  new  baby. But there are some people suspecting it and it really can get  very  difficult  to hide… We will revel this secret somewhere around Christmas. Not long to go…

(Written on 05/01)

I cannot believe its nearly 16 weeks now! God, I need to tell everyone soon as I wont be able to hide my tummy soon! It has popped out quite a lot recently. I keep on hiding it at work, but few people are suspecting I am pregnant… My scan is next week – 13th of January and after that I will officially announce it. Fingers crossed all is well with this baby.

We really got used to the thought now and we are actually very happy there will be another little one. But so many things to think of! I sold all Daniella’s stuff, so we have to buy everything new again. I cannot wait to find out if it is girl or boy. I don’t really mind – I think for Daniella it is better to have a sister, but for us it would be nice to have a boy now. Anyways, does not really matter. We just need a healthy baby. That’s all.

How i feel

I actually feel much better now. My morning sickness is pretty much gone, although I had to quickly run to the toilet to throw up in a middle of hoovering today.. But it now happens once in a blue moon. Thank God for that.

I do not feel as tired no more, even though I still manage to knock out in front of the TV if I have a minute. Compared to my previous pregnancy I am much more moodier now. I hope it will still go away. I blame it on my circumstances. I work, I have very needy toddler and another soon to become teenager. So life is not easy to me. Especially pregnant me.

Luckily I still have my great man that helps me out a lot! I love him to bits and I don’t know what would I do without him. (Thank you Ed)

I now put 2 kilos on! I was 47 kilograms before, I weight 49 now! When I went to the doctor last Saturday, I was told, that my BMI is 18 and if I was 1 lower, I would be in high risk pregnancy category!

However, I do have a lot of appetite, I do eat really a lot! Hate hungriness feeling – it makes me sick. I don’t have that many cravings like I did at the beginning, but sometimes do feel for one or another dish.

(Written on 13/01)

So here we go… The day has come and I had my first scan today- so exciting! So today I am 4 months and 3 days pregnant and my due date is 26th June! Summer baby. 🙂

Scan went well, we were really excited to see our little one.. Everything feels just more real now.. In a couple of weeks we will be going to find out sex of the baby. Edward said he saw it was a boy haha, I saw something like boys bits too, but cannot guarantee. I would be happy with either anyways! xx

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