22 Weeks Pregnant

22 weeks pregnant. mixed baby

Another two weeks gone! I am now 22 weeks pregnant- time is flying!!!

Not many changes this time. I am growing bigger and bigger day by day. I now start feeling my growing tummy – difficult to pick something off the floor, to do my shoe laces and I am out of breath nearly all the time! Don’t even need to do anything too physical.

I weigh 55 kilograms now, which means I put 3 kilos on during past two weeks! I really do need to stop eating those sweets. I gained 8 kilograms on since I got pregnant in total. But I strangely now always up for chocolate or cake. That was never the case before I got pregnant. My pregnancy with a boy is really completely different to my previous pregnancies with my girls.

My sleep is still not good. Still waking up to the bathroom 5 million times a night. Thankfully I fall back asleep with no problems after. Thinking of buying pregnancy pillow now, as it gets pretty uncomfortable because of growing bump. However, I never had a pregnancy pillow before, therefore not sure if I really need it this time too.

22 weeks pregnantMy food cravings are still here. Again – different to my pregnancy with Daniella – I didn’t have that
many cravings back then. This time they are quite strong and I always ALWAYS feel hungry! I really do eat for two this time.

Our baby is now kicking a lot. Edward can feel it too when holding his hand on my bump. I really do love that feeling!!

Edward and I still cannot decide on the name! We liked Harry at the beginning, but it is not in our favourites list any more. As a matter of the fact, there is no any favourites list… As much as we try to think of pretty names, we do not like any of them. Thank God we still have enough time, hopefully something will come up soon!

We have already bought some cute things for our baby boy. Few sleep suits, set of bibs, some baby bottles and we left a deposit for a pram! Soon I will have to move Daniella out of our bedroom (I feel really emotional thinking about that) and will have to prepare for a new baby. Daniella will move then to Luka’s room. She has already got her ‘big girls bed’ that she sleeps in, but it’s based in our bedroom. It’s just so handy if she wakes up at night and I just simply feel much safer when she is next to me. Yeh, at the end of the day I think this separation will be harder for me than Daniella, but we will have to get used to it. No choice with one more baby coming. 🙂

22 weeks pregnant tummy, belly

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