24 Weeks Pregnant

justina ivanauskiene, edward manzano6 months! Wow! Time really flies with this bump. I try to enjoy my pregnancy while I can, as most
probably I wont experience that again. 3 kids is more than enough for us. Big family already. 🙂

I keep on growing day by day. Not only my bump, but also bum! Craving now for Snickers Ice-cream… Sometimes I eat up to 4 portions a day. Could do even more, but have to stop myself, otherwise will end up huge!!

I now weigh 57 kilograms! Two more kilos in two weeks and 10 kilograms in total already! Oh nooooo!!!!!

Mood wise is same old story. With ups and downs. However since the weather is getting nicer now and sun is out more often, I feel much better too. Cannot wait for the weather to get warm and evenings and mornings light!

snickers ice-creamAnyways, every evening I am always completely out of energy – no matter if I was working that day or if I wasn’t. Before I was normally falling asleep at around 12am, now I am usually knocked out by 11pm. I just physically cannot stay up any longer.

24 weeks pregnantBaby’s kicks are much more often and much stronger now. He is going to be a footballer one day haha. My Braxton Hicks contractions are becoming quite uncomfortable sometimes. It reminds me so much of my real contractions when I gave birth to Daniella! I really want epidural this time!!!!!

I can feel on my clothes of how much I grew every week. I cannot hide my pregnancy no more and cannot close my winter jacket (but I didn’t get offered seat in the tube yet haha)… I just really hope that the weather will get warm very soon, so I can get into more comfortable outfits…

Oh and my heartburns…. Not pleasant at all. Sometimes gets to the point that I feel like throwing up. Especially in the evening. At the moment my life saver is Rennie. Helps a lot. I always keep them next to my bed. 🙂

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