26 Weeks Pregnant

Two more weeks flew by. I am getting rounder day by day and tiredness is taking over again.. I already feel so big at this stage. And the due date is still so far away (27th June). I am getting anxious thinking of how I am gonna look at the end of this pregnancy!!!

My weight, of course, doesn’t stop building up! I now weight full 59 kilograms, which means, that I gained another 2 during past two weeks and 12 in total!! Told you I am getting rounder (grew out of my Forever 21 stretchy work trousers already) 🙂

Probably because of all extra weight, I often get cramps when rushing to work. Sometimes even have to stop and get my breath back.. Therefore I am always late… 🙂

I still crave for sweets. Cakes, pastries, ice creams, chocolate…. My saddest moment during last two weeks was when I realised they don’t sell my favourite Snickers Ice cream no more in the shop downstairs. I can honestly tell you, I wanted to cry…

I wonder sometimes of how big my baby is now. I am so scared he will grow very chubby and then I will have difficulties delivering him. His kicks are becoming stronger and stronger, he clearly doesn’t have that much space in my tummy no more.

In a mean time I can feel my skin stretching more and more. It is even itchy sometimes! I didn’t get any stretch marks during my previous pregnancies, but I am paranoid it can happen this time, as I am sure mu bump going to be so much bigger compared to my bumps before. I have bought a Bio Oil to keep my tummy skin moisturised, so hopefully I will be lucky enough not no get any stretch marks during this pregnancy too.

My sleeping, heartburns and moods – all same old story. No improvement.. It’s lovely when I get a chance to take a nap during the day. That changes a lot. But not always possible unfortunately…

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