28 Weeks Pregnant

28 weeks pregnant

The third trimester is here! It is going so crazy crazy fast!!

I feel heavier every day… Feels like I am turning into a hippopotamus, really! My thighs became enormously big (at least it feels like it), my face is round, I get upset every time I look at the mirror!

Life is not getting any easier either. Especially at night. Still going toilet 10 times a night, plus it’s getting too difficult to change sleeping position. Everything is so heavy and hurts. I wake up at night because of different kind of pains. Sometimes my ribs, sometimes my calf muscles, tummy sometimes or… my bum… I know…. Complaining, complaining, complaining….

Mood wise actually I don’t think it was as bad in a past two weeks. During the day I wasn’t feeling too bad. Even though we had pretty busy week – Easter preparations, etc.

My weight is 61 kilograms I put another 2 kilograms on during my past two weeks and 14 in total. If I am gonna keep on gaining 2 kilograms every 2 weeks, I don’t even want to think of how I am gonna look at the end of this pregnancy!…

28 weeks pregnantI had my midwife’s appointment last week. It went alright. They took my bloods, measured my bump. I was not very surprised when they told me, that my tummy is bigger than it would normally be at this stage. They said my tummy is now like I am over 30 weeks pregnant (I was not even 28 then!). I think it’s a big boy hiding in there!!! (No stretch marks yet thank God)

My eating habits have not changed much. Still crave for sweets and all other fattening things. But I am not stopping myself. I eat whatever I feel like eating. Not good, but when if not today? 🙂

I keep on getting pain in my pelvic bone. Midwife said that my tummy is very low and that is probably the reason…

Baby is kicking a lot, even now, while I am typing. I am gonna miss that feeling for sure.. 🙂

We started to buy baby clothes little by little. It is well exciting! Especially not to look for anything pink! I really had enough of this colour haha. Will have to prepare the hospital bag pretty soon, but don’t want to think about labour yet! So scared….

28 weeks pregnant

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