My Hair Colour Disaster or L’Oreal Preference Les Blondissimes Extreme Platinum & L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme gloss 801 Satin Blonde Review

L'Oreal Extreme Platinum & L'Oreal Satin Blonde ReviewSince there is more and more sunshine outside, I have decided it’s time for a small change. Wanted to go for lighter blond hair colour as I somehow thought it will give me a fresher, younger look. Since I am busy enough with my two kids, cat and dog, Edward, blogging and my job, I don’t feel like wasting my time going to hairdressers and I do believe (or did believe), that I am capable and skilled enough to colour my hair myself. As a matter of the fact, I was doing that before, since Daniella was born. I have always used L’oreal Preference 10.21 Alaska Pearl Blonde hair dye and was always happy with the result!

So this time I have decided that I want to try something new, or to be a little bit more blond and after some researching I have bought a L’Oreal Preference Les Blondissimes Extreme Platinum Hair Dye. Decided to try it out one day before Easter- thought will look pretty and fresh during the celebrations.
Dying process itself as always with L’oreal – pretty easy. You have to make a mixture – It is all clearly explained on the leaflet, put your gloves on and go ahead with dying.

L'Oreal Extreme Platinum & L'Oreal Satin Blonde Review, l'oreal pearl blonde 10.21
Hair dye that I was using before

Since I used this colour for the first time, I asked Edward to help me out a little bit to make sure, that I will cover it nicely. I covered my front hair that I could reach myself and Edward helped me out at the back. Because my hair was dyed before, I obviously had to follow the instructions according to that – covering roots first and only then spreading the colour all over. I really triple checked if all was covered equally and then waited the recommended time for my hair to
get a new colour…

Finally it was time to rinse my hair and enjoy my new look.


After shampooing and conditioning and taking my towel off I already wanted to cry as I firstly saw, that the colour has not spread out equally- I could see ginger (yes, ginger!) parts in some places… My roots (strangely) looked lighter than the rest of my hair even though (I promise you) I have followed all instructions to every minute! The colour itself looked quite electric/ yellowish – pretty much like yellow highlighter in some places!

I went to sleep that night not happy at all but hoping that in a daylight it will look a bit better.

L'Oreal Extreme Platinum & L'Oreal Satin Blonde Review

When I woke up the morning after, to my huge disappointment it looked even worse. So I had my Easter celebrations looking as proper Easter chicken… At least it was not Christmas…

Anyways, I knew I had to do something about that before returning to work after my long bank holiday weekend and I had another research of how I can correct my hair colour after unsuccessful dying. I knew I cannot use permanent hair dye again as colour might turn green cos my hair will get very damaged.. I found that I could use the same brand, just not permanent hair dye, but cream or semi permanent dye, that doesn’t damage your hair (or at least not that much). So I bought L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme gloss 801. I only wanted to get slightly darker and more equal colour. Just to get back where I was before – had enough of my silly experiments.

Process itself – pretty similar – making a mixture and then covering hair. Done all as told, waited the recommended time and went to wash my hair… And once again… Not as expected – just to get couple of shades darker, I turned dark grey!!!! Wanted to cry again…

L'Oreal Extreme Platinum & L'Oreal Satin Blonde Review

And another again – for some reason my hair didn’t cover equally. I had some yellowish bits even though I was super careful to cover every single part and I really had more than enough mixture to do so..

So finally I had to go to work still looking funny as L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme gloss 801 didn’t do much good either. I looked like grandma now haha.

L'Oreal Extreme Platinum & L'Oreal Satin Blonde Review

However the colour is washing away little by little (it says on the packet I would stay up to 28 washes) and I am slowly becoming more like a human again. I have not got idea though of what’s gonna happen after this grayish/ darker blond colour will disappear completely. Will I look like Easter chicken again? Oh well, at least there will be enough time passed to re-dye my hair properly. So let’s hope for the happy ending! 🙂

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