Our Easter 2015

A little bit late, but happy Easter everyone! 🙂

We had our Easter celebrations at my sister’s Jolita’s and her family’s home. My cousin has also arrived from Stoke-On-Trent with his lovely family. We had a wonderful family time. 
Edward marinated a meat for bbq (Lithuanian recipe) – Saslykas, 24 hours prior celebrations. It turned out really really good! 

We have lovely Easter tradition to dye and decorate eggs on Easter eve. We bought special dye from Lithuanian shop and some white eggs. In the evening I got all prepared – you only have to put dye in the water, 1 spoon of vinegar and place eggs inside. After couple of minutes their colour changes.

Then kids took their stickers, markers, crayons and all other drawing stuff and started decorating eggs. Both – Luka and Daniella had loads of fun! 

The day after (Easter Sunday) we went o my sisters house at around 3pm. Had loads of food – I could hardly walk or even breath after. (Another few kilograms on my fast growing bum?) 🙂  

My cousin Lukas and his wife to be Kristina 

My youngest sister Jolita, her husband to be Jurgis and their beautiful daughter Adele

We have a tradition to start our Easter lunch by checking whose egg is the strongest one.  We pick one decorated egg each and got to hit someone else’s egg. The winner is whoever has the strongest egg. Kids done that too and Daniella won! 🙂

On Easter Monday we had Edwards family round. So pity, we didn’t make any pictures. But evening was lovely. We had some snacks, did bbq again, Edwards Mum made fruit salads…

Overall I can happily say, we had a great Easter! Hope you did too. xx

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