32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks PregnantThe big date is fast approaching!

It is not easy at this stage. I know, I am such a complainer… But (I promise you) life is getting more complicated day by day. I am totally expanding. Like a balloon – fast and round (and at the end I will explode haha|). Simple tasks like putting my shoes on or doing my shoe laces are becoming pretty difficult now days. I feel huge. My tummy is always in my way. Even washing dishes. Tap seems so far away, as I cannot get any closer because of my huge bump! Funny? Not really.. Arms get painful after keeping them straight for a while.
Same at work. I love to sit very close to my desk or to computer to get better position for typing, but that is just not possible no more because of my bump. There is no way to get as close as I would like to. I try to do my best, but if I start touching the edge of my desk with my bump, my little man inside makes me to move back quickly by kicking into that place of my tummy. So I simply have no choice, but to work from a distance…
Pelvic pain still annoys me a lot. Gets worse at work, in the evenings and some nights. I don’t remember having this when I was pregnant with Daniella or Luka. Very unpleasant. I try not to walk as a duck, but this pain doesn’t really allow me…
32 Weeks Pregnant rennie heartburns
Heartburns are still here. Already finished one big pack of Rennie tablets. Always gets worse if I had any food in the evening. In that case I would most probably wake up at night not for the toilet only, but because of really bad heartburns… I sometimes take a few tablets of Rennie a night. Couple of times I woke up in the morning still with a taste of the spearmint in my mouth.
This time I only grew 1 extra kilogram during past two weeks!! Phewwww… ┬áBut 17 already in total. Not good. Sweets are still very good friends of mine… I can eat a few chocolates a day (before I got pregnant I could even hardly finish one). I still don’t drink coffee – the smell of coffee makes me a bit sick. But I do have 1 or 2 cups of black tea a day. Need to get some extra energy from somewhere…
32 Weeks Pregnant

Still did not start packing for the hospital. There is still time left. But will probably start doing it at some point during next two weeks. What if, you know..

Otherwise I am starting to look forward to the date a lot. I hope baby won’t be late, as I do remember from my previous pregnancies – every single date past due date becomes extremely long! Luka and Daniella were both few days late.
I am also a bit worried of how will Daniella take her new baby brother. At the moment she is super sweet – hugging and kissing my bump and telling us, that there is her baby brother inside. But otherwise she is such a mummy’s girl and she is extremely jealous if Luka or even Edward comes up to me for a hug or a kiss. I hope she will be more understanding when her little brother comes along…
We are also still not sure about the name… I know, it’s about time. But it is just so hard!.. We want a perfect name for our baby boy, that would sound nice and similar in both languages- English and Lithuanian. Therefore it’s so hard. If we like in one language, we don’t like in another… Need some compromise..

32 Weeks Pregnant bump

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