34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant34 weeks pregnant….

Wow, 6 weeks left only until my due date (27th June). I am really getting there! After I pass next two weeks I will post my pregnancy updates at least weekly – it will be my last month with my bump! Ahhh, I am surely going to miss it…

During my past two weeks I put 1 kilogram on. That means I already gained 18 kilograms! I now weight 65 kilos. I know, it does sound a lot. But I somehow stopped worrying about my weight that much. There are more important things to worry about. 🙂 Also I was definitely too skinny before I got pregnant, so few extra kilograms is not the end of the world, really.

My cravings are not that powerful no more. I still love ice cream though. But Snickers ice cream is not my favourite recently. My new favourite are the cheap ones- Milk Choc Ices from Tesco, Aldi or Asda. It’s a bit dangerous though, as I can have 4 of those in a row! I am not even counting of how many times a day….

I had midwife’s appointment on Friday. All seems to be fine. My bloods are alright, baby is happy inside. However still not yet fully engaged. He is somehow on my right side of the tummy. Head down, but sideways. Midwife has told me, that it’s ok for another two weeks, they would start worrying if I am 36 weeks or more and baby is not yet engaged.

I have another appointment at the hospital on Thursday. It’s because I was a little underweight before I got pregnant. Midwife has told me, that they might want to do another scan just in case. It actually would be quite nice to see my baby boy once again…

My pelvic pain is still annoying me, but maybe not as bad. Or I just got used to it. It definitely gets worse at work, when I sit in the office for the whole day.

Heartburns actually are also slightly better. I didn’t take my Rennie tablets for couple of days now! I really do hope it stays that way, as the feeling is not very pleasant…

34 Weeks PregnantSleeping is still not so good. But at least I can fall asleep with no problems and even though I wake up to the toilet three millions times a night, I manage to fall back asleep straight after putting my head onto the pillow.

Baby is very active inside. sometimes I even jump after getting a good kick on my ribs or my bladder! He has hiccups ever so often! I feel sorry for that little thing…

Luckily I don’t have any stretch marks yet. I use my Bio Oil time to time, but I mostly forget about it. I think it’s just genes. I asked mu mum, she had three of us, but no stretch marks. My 2 sisters had two babies each, no stretch marks either. I am just praying for it to stay that way. But more than a month left, you never know.. 🙂

Slowly but surely I am buying things for my hospital bag. Everything is getting so real now! Looking forward to seeing my baby boy for the first time (even though still really scared of the labour)!

34 Weeks Pregnant

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