Baby Growth Ultrasound Appointment

Baby Growth Ultrasound Appointment

So today was the day. After my appointment at the hospital yesterday I was booked in to attend an extra ultrasound appointment this afternoon to find out if our baby boy is developing alright (since I was told by my midwife yesterday, that my tummy is 3 weeks smaller than expected). I didn’t sleep too well last night – was really worried and woke up at 6am this morning even though my appointment was set for 12pm.

We went to the hospital with Edward and Daniella. Checked in and waited to get called.

Baby Growth Ultrasound Appointment

Ultrasound lady was luckily very pleasant. She firstly showed us our baby. Little arms, legs and tiny face. Explained in what position he is lying in my bump – I wasn’t mistaken – baby is upside down, but on the right side of my bump. So nearly engaged, but not yet fully.

Then she took all measurements necessary and checked fluids and blood flow. To our huge relieve the baby is perfectly fine! He now weights 2.5 kilograms and apparently that is perfect at this stage of the pregnancy!

We left the hospital all happy. We can now relax and calmly wait for a big date, carry on with preparations and enjoy the rest of our time.

After my appointment I had to run to work. Was super busy, I missed my all morning because of the hospital. After work I went for a dinner to Zizzi restaurant with my 2 lovely girl friends – had a huge pizza with prawns (some more calories for baby and myself) and now I am ready for my long bank holiday weekend! What a nice day. 🙂

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Baby Growth Ultrasound Appointment
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