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nurseries and shoppingToday we had a busy day. Edward took a day off (I had a day off anyway) and we went for a walk around the area to put our name down on waiting lists for Daniella’s nursery! Daniella is now 2.7 years old, after she turns 3 she gets her 15 free hours at the nursery. But since the queues and waiting lists for nurseries are enormous, it is definitely worth registering in advance. And we are actually quite late already.

We were told, that most probably Daniella will be able to start somewhere around Christmas or after New Year. That is perfectly fine for us. I will be on maternity leave then, so I can easily drop her there and pick her up. We are not looking for a place in the nursery to get some free time for ourselves, but we believe, that it would really be beneficial for our little Daniella, as she is super shy at the moment with people that she doesn’t know. Needs more interaction with the world. 🙂

nurseries and shopping daniella manzano

Daniella was all excited to go see nurseries, she was expecting to stay and play there poor thing. She will have to wait for a bit…

At around 3pm we came back home to put Daniella for her afternoon nap. Edward bathed our Bichon named Salsa, Luka came back from school and after Daniella woke up we have decided to go to the Lake Side shopping centre. I needed to buy spring jacked and school shoes for Luka.

Lake Side shopping centre is open until 10pm during the week. We love going for shopping later in the afternoon. Less people, less hassle, less mess!

nurseries and shopping

Luckily we found what we wanted – I bought Zara Jacket and Clark shoes for Luka. Clothes and shoes do not normally last long for that girl, as she is so active. I am not sure of how long Zara jacket will last (I am hoping for a good quality there), but I do trust Clarks shoes! I used to buy different brands before and sometimes they wouldn’t last for 2 weeks! With Clarks is different. You pay a bit more, but you know that you pay for the quality! Comfy and long lasting – that’s all we need.

zara girls jacket


clarks girls shoes

Our day is nearly finished now. Kids are fast asleep, Edward is watching Celebrity Juice, I am writing my blog (in a mean time I finished 2 portions of Snickers Ice Cream), baby is kicking in my bump (probably sugar rush) and it will be time for bed soon.. Working tomorrow..

Hope you had a great day too.

Good night xx

nurseries and shopping

nurseries and shopping


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