Washing Baby Clothes Round One – or Lazy Rainy Day

toddler eatingI woke up this morning with so many plans in my mind. It’s my day off.

First task of my plan was to clean the house (nothing new, as for some reason our home looks like a war zone every morning). As a second thing I was planning to go to the shop for some groceries and then third- to go through all baby things that we currently have to see what else would we need to buy. Also to wash them all and to start packing my hospital bag – due date is not that far away, I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant!

All started as planned. Cleaned our home, did laundry, hoovered wiped the dusts off. Done. Next task in the plan was to go to the shop. I looked through the window- dark, rainy and cold. Nah. Will go to the shop later. Baby clothes and hospital bag first.

Started by taking all baby’s clothes out of the cupboards and sorting them by type and age. Firstly wanted to get an idea of what we already have and what else we do need to buy. The plan was to wash them all using my Fairy Non Bio liquid after.

baby boy clothes 34 weeks pregnant

I didn’t really expect we had so many.

Not all my baby clothes are new. My youngest sister Jolita recently had a baby too, so I got some things from her. Babies grew out so fast! Most of the clothes are still looking like new. Others we bought in Next, H&M, George (Asda’s brand).

After sorting out the clothes I realised, that I have a lot for 0-3 months old, but I do need to buy some of the Tiny Baby size, as I remember from my previous experience, that 0-3 months most probably will be far too big at the beginning. Therefore we still need to get some Tiny Baby sleep suits, vests, mini socks, something warmer to wear for going outside and maybe few more hats. We also need a baby swing (I found that super helpful With Daniella), breast pump, baby bottles steriliser, baby bath, toiletries and to order our Jane Rider Pram. Still sounds like a lot…

souvenirs from GreecePlease don’t laugh… But after sorting baby’s clothes out I run out of my energy and lost my all courage to do anything else (once again (just to remind you)- I am 34 weeks pregnant 🙂 ). Therefore our baby’s clothes are still not washed and my hospital bag is not yet packed. I put it all back in the cupboards. And I blame it on the weather.

Shortly after my sister Jurga arrived, who just came back from holiday in Greece. She got us some souvenirs and a doll for doing make up and hairstyles for Daniella, as Daniella is her God Daughter. That doll kept Daniella and Luka busy for the whole evening. How nice. 🙂

sisters playing with a doll
sisters playing with a doll

Once again. I didn’t go to the shop (because of the terrible weather), but still had to make some dinner (family would not understand, that mummy wont’t feed them today because of the rain). I used my imagination here and whatever I had in the fridge, and believe me – my dinner turned out delicious!

I simply cut some potatoes, carrots and onions in chunks and put them all in my ceramic oven dish. Also some unpeeled garlic. Salt, pepper, olive oil on the top and mixed all. In a separate bowl (because my oven dish is a bit too small) I put chicken drumsticks and same – salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil. Mixed all well and then put the chicken together with my vegetables – in the same oven dish (see pictures below). Placed all into pre-heated to 180c oven, cooked for about an hour (mixing time to time) and it turned out very tasty! Very homy, warming food for this rainy day with a minimum hassle.


roasted chicken drumsticks with vegetables


roasted chicken drumsticks with vegetables


roasted chicken drumsticks with vegetables

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