37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant

As I have promised earlier, I am going to write pregnancy updates every week now, till our baby boy is born. 3 weeks left to my due date, can you believe??? We cannot! Time went so fast. Only in a couple of weeks we will be a family of 5, plus cat and dog. How extreme is that???

I am finally officially on my maternity holiday now! And really thank God for that – my last days at work were not easy. Travelling to work in the morning was my nightmare number one. First part of travelling not too bad, as we go by car to Edward’s parents to drop Daniella. But after that we have to take a tube from zone 3 to zone 1. And this part is my least favourite. Tube often stinks and crowded. Anyone would hardy offer the seat (I do prefer to stand anyway, but recently I really was not feeling too good, so a seat on the tube might have been useful.). It is ridiculous the amount of money that you pay to tfl for the travelling comfort that you get.

Anyway, I won’t need to put up with this for about a year now. I am officially off!

My week 37 was not very easy. I feel so heavy, everything hurts. I am complaining about everything to everyone all the time. But I really feel so huge and clumsy, that it’s hard to be happy sometimes.
37 Weeks PregnantNo stretch marks yet, but constant pain in my belly bottom. Constant. Gets worse when I am tired, but it pretty much doesn’t ever go away. Feels like my belly muscles are splitting up from stretching. Really not pleasant.
I also sometimes have sharp pains in my back. Probably a nerve is squashed or something, but time to time I get a sudden pain, like an electricity shock, that makes me jump. Ouch!
I am such a slow walker now. Keep on asking Edward to slow down (haha), because I get cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions if I try to rush. I can feel, that the end of all this is so near by!!!
Recently my sleep was so so so deep. But I still have to wake up to the toilet few times a night. However, because I sleep so deep, I only wake up when I need the toilet really badly, it even hurts! Then I have troubles getting off the bed, because of the pain and because I feel too heavy to move myself.
37 Weeks PregnantMy weight is… OOOPSY… 67 kilograms now. I gained 1.5 kilogram in 1 week! And… 20 kilograms in total. Good luck to me trying to get rid of it after i giving birth… Oh well..
My recent craving is watermelon. Thank God they sell them in the shop downstairs. I can eat one medium sized watermelon on my own. Love it, love it, love it. And at least it is not that fattening like my previous craving (ice cream) was.
Baby is still wiggling a lot in my bump. I truly love that feeling! I do sometimes feel his elbow, hand or leg so clearly! I am wondering of how does he look. Is he gonna be more Filipino boy, or Lithuanian this time???? No matter what, we love this little man so much already!!
Next Friday I will have my midwife’s appointment again. Looking forward to it. It could be my last one (or maybe not)!!!
I also need to finish packing my hospital bag, will do early next week and will write post with pictures of what I am taking to the hospital. Edward will set up a baby cot (I still need to buy duvet thought). I need to finish cleaning all my cupboards, wardrobes, etc and we are pretty much ready for our little angel to arrive!
37 Weeks Pregnant

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