39 Weeks Pregnant

39 Weeks Pregnant getting ready

39 Weeks Pregnant baby boy's cot
Oh God! 39 weeks- one week to my due date. Baby might come at any time now. As a matter of the fact I had so many Braxton Hicks yesterday, that I really thought I was going into labour already! I went to sleep thinking, that I might have to rush to the hospital shortly.

39 Weeks Pregnant baby boy's cotAt night I woke up for about 5 times to the bathroom, and my fake contractions were gone by then. I was actually quite happy about that. I don’t yet feel mentally prepared for labour, I am still so anxious to even think about it. Plus I am so convinced, that my baby will be born after the due date, that I didn’t yet even think about the possibility having to go to the hospital earlier. Until yesterday.

My 39th week…

I feel…. BIG. And heavy, and tired……………..

My energy (please remind me of how it feels to have some) is no where to be found. If we go out somewhere, I feel completely drained after not even an hour. My feet, legs, back and every other part of my body hurts. Even getting ready for going outside takes my all energy away. I really cannot wait to feel normal again.

I also miss wearing normal clothes. I stopped buying maternity clothes now. Will just live with whatever I have. No point wasting money no more, not long to go. When I go shopping and see all the beautiful outfits for non pregnant women, I then want to give birth as soon as possible!

39 Weeks PregnantMy heartburns can still be very bad. I often wake up at night nearly throwing up because of the heartburns. Rennie still saves my life during those horrible moments.

I weight 68.7 kilograms! God help me, I put nearly 22 kilograms on during this pregnancy!!! With Luka and Daniella I gained 13 kilograms each… I will certainly have fun this time trying to get rid of all this extra weight.. I just hope that my baby baby won’t be huge…

No stretch marks as of yet. But my bump is so big now. I wont be surprised if I get those stretch marks in the end. Skin is really stretched out..

edward manzanoAnyway, all is pretty much ready for baby’s arrival. Pram is here, cot is set up, baby swing is ready to be used, hospital bag is packed. We are just not 100% sure about the name… Maybe it will be easier to decide after seeing our little son.

For now I will try to enjoy my last moments of pregnancy as I am pretty sure this is our last baby, so I won’t experience that again. I know I am going to miss it… 🙂

39 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump

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