40 Weeks Pregnant

daniella manzano, toddler, half white half filipino girlSo here we are, just as I thought – my due date is today and no sign of the baby yet. We are so ready to meet him now. Hopefully he wont be too late…

I had midwife’s appointment yesterday. She checked me and baby out – all is good. Baby’s head is engaged, ready to make his exit. 🙂

If I don’t give birth over this weekend, midwife booked me in for an appointment on Monday to do membrane sweep. I really hope it wont be necessary… However, if this sweep doesn’t work, they will do another one in three days. If that one will also not work, I will be induced on 7th of July. Fingers crossed this baby will come earlier. 🙂

My sleep is surprisingly still not too bad! Easy to fall asleep in the evening and no matter how many times I wake up at night for the toilet, usually I am back to deep sleep within few seconds after putting my head on the pillow. I am so grateful for that, as I remember with Daniella I could hardly sleep at night at this stage.
My heartburns are killing me! Especially at night… I often wake up nearly throwing up because of them and Rennie does not always help no more…

I don’t have any stretch marks yet luckily, but my tummy and skin is physically hurting because of stretching. Especially around my belly button area. I don’t think my body will be able to expand much more. Baby, please please come, as your mummy is going to explode…

My little boy doesn’t kick that much no more and it makes me worry sometimes. I often find myself waiting for a kick or move, just to make sure, that our little one is still all right inside. That poor thing does not have much space in there…
40 Weeks PregnantThis week I weight 67.9 kilograms. It looks like my weight or my scales are playing up, as last week my weight was 68.7 kilograms. So it seems that I weight 800 grams less than last week. Oh well, as long as it’s not more, lol.

Especially with this hot weather, I do not feel too well recently. So exhausted and moody- can burst into tiers at any time… 40 Weeks Pregnant

I have no summer clothes to wear. We went for some shopping today to get something for me, more suitable for this hot weather, however after 2 hours ‘shopping’ I decided to go home, as I was feeling knackered and didn’t buy a thing – all clothes were looking terrible on me. I could hardly hold my tears!!!

However, after unsuccessful shopping we have decided to go to Weald Country Park for a mini picnic. Since I was so tired already and really could not be bothered to go to the shop for getting snacks, we just simply grabbed a couple of picnic blankets from home, picked up McDonald’s on the way and had a wonderful afternoon at the park! That has actually made my day, as Weald Country Park is absolutely stunning! We had a great time over there and came back home all in perfectly great moods! We will probably go for another good walk in the evening – midwife has told me to walk a lot, to possibly rush this baby. Please keep your fingers crossed for me to give birth very soon. 🙂 xxx
Weald Country ParkIMG_1455 (1)

Weald Country Park

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