40+1 Weeks Pregnant- Cannot Wait!!!

40+1 Weeks Pregnant
One day overdue, but it already feels like ages! Running out of patience – why can’t this baby just come now?…

Tomorrow I have midwife’s appointment for a membrane sweep. I so would like to go into labour without any sweeps, just naturally… We had such a busy weekend, didn’t stay home at all- were walking a lot, but baby doesn’t seem to be bothered.

Edward is probably even less patient then I am this time. I swear he was secretly trying to tire my out today! Just after breakfast he dragged me out for some shopping (even though we don’t really need anything), then another shopping after Daniella’s sleep and in the evening he has decided, that it’s necessary to go for some groceries, but for some reason not to Tesco, that is close by, but Morrisons, that is a bit further.
loveAll day long I was not feeling too bad, but after groceries shopping I was knackered. So I made myself a lovely bubble bath and closed away from everyone for nearly an hour.

I had Braxton Hicks all day long, but they were not getting any stronger. 🙁 However, I certainly have more Braxton Hicks than I did before. That gives me a little hope.. (this baby HAS to come sooner or later!)

I am still secretly dreaming, that our baby boy will decide to come tonight, so I don’t have to go to the midwife tomorrow.. Keeping my fingers crossed…

40+1 Weeks Pregnant, cannot do my shoe laces


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